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Reverend Thread 2001!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Lenmonster, Jun 8, 2001.

  1. Hey, folks!

    Well, I had quite a good time reading all of the Reverend Rumblefish posts on the forum, especially the thread that was about 150 messages! However, that thread abruptly ended in around mid-2000.

    I'd like to know how folks are still liking their 'fish.

    I ordered one a few weeks ago. My only other bass is an MTD535 (which I love), but I'm scared to bring it to clubs, for fear it will get knocked over, get something spilled on it, or whatever. I also needed something with a more "old school" sound.

    It should be here in two weeks...I ordered the 5, with rosewood, in purple! I DO miss my StingRay 5, which I sold (stupidly) to get the MTD.

    My only concern about the Rumblefish is that my cover band does tons of disco...about 75% of it is fingerstyle stuff (Disco Inferno, Earth Wind and Fire stuff, etc.), but some is slap (Car Wash and others). I'm hoping I can get a decent slap sound out of it when I need it...It doesn't have to be the "slap monster" but just good enough for those times when the song requires it.
  2. Hey Len!
    I think you'll be happy with your Reverend 5. I got one when the 5's first came out, but ended up trading it to Mike Childree (mchildree).. 5-strings just aren't my bag. But, that bass had a killer B string and the open E was amazing too.. best I have ever heard.
    I've got my blue Rumblefish, #47, strung up with flats right now, and it sounds great. Still the best neck I've ever played. I'm gonna put roundwounds back on there pretty soon and start using it with my band. I've got three great basses right now and they are fighting for playing time! Seeing how good Reverend's first batch of basses were, I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with in the future.
    BTW, I get a decent slap sound out of my 'Fish. I've heard other people on the board say the 'Fish has a poor slap tone, but I respectfully disagree.
  3. trainyourhuman


    Apr 12, 2000
    I also think that the rumblefish has a decent slap sound, especially if you are playing songs which require that vintage slap vibe. The fish has mojo to burn without a doubt.

    Personally, I prefer the XL model. I really became used to the fast switching options. It also brings out a little more of the rumblefish hollow character, IMO.
  4. G...That makes me feel better. The vintage thing is generally what I'm going for with these songs. The bass being a 5 is the XL electronics, so I think I'm going to be set pretty well.

    I was almost courageous enough to purchase one in lime green (my wife's favorite choice), but I chickened out, because I figured it might limit the types of venues where I could play it. Instead, I chose purple, which isn't too outrageous, but definitely still a little on the edge.

    I was also torn between the fingerboard choices. Joe Naylor seemed to think that the rosewood would still work for slap, and said many don't like the glossy finish on the maple board. With maple, I prefer a more unfinished feel.

    I think things will be okay...I can always boost the high end on my amp, if necessary.
  5. Joe Naylor said that?! wow. i wonder why he doesn't tone down the finish then...
    i've pretty much decided then when i get the cash for a new bass, it'll be an XL 4. i was thinking of the maple board, but of course i've never been able to play one, so i didn't know the glossiness was a problem. do you have any experience with the maple board, dave?

    edit: another question for the rumblefishers: hipshot ultralite machine heads are a $100 option, is this worth it? is there anything wrong with the standard reverend machines?
  6. Thornton Davis

    Thornton Davis

    Dec 11, 1999
    I've had my 5L for just over a year now. I love the sound and look of it. My only bitch about this bass is that it's taken me a year to get use to the width of its neck.
    Before I ordered the 5L, I was given a Rumblefish 4 XL to use for a week. The neck on it was great! Based upon my satisfaction with the 4XL, I ordered a 5L. I was disappointed that the neck width of the 5L was that much wider when the bass finally arrived 6 weeks later. Had I played the 5L before I ordered it, in hind sight, I probably would have passed on buying one.
    There are other five string basses out there with slimmer necks than the 5L. I just haven't decided if I want to pay a lot more money to get one or not. I'm not saying that i'm unhappy with the bass, i'm not! I think it's a great five string and Joe Naylor will sell a ton of them.
    PS - I've used Ernie Ball Super Slinky (lime green package) 45-130 five string set as replacement strings on my Rumble 5L. This is the same set EB put on their StingRay 5.
    They fit the Rumble 5L perfectly and sound great. You might want to keep this in mind.
  7. I recently tried a Rumblefish and I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. Oh well.
  8. bump

  9. petch

    petch Supporting Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    Medina, Ohio
    My Rumblefish (Let's get ready to RUMBLE!) is a 4-string. I'm confused by the "glossy" comments about the maple board, which mine has. It has a
    satin, soft finish on it. I consider it to be at its best as a fingerstyle bass, yet decent for slap. I'm not much of a slapper, though. I have not played the 5, but Joe Naylor makes a fine product and takes a personal interest in each customer. The basses are cool, different, and have their own voice. They also have big-ass bottom end!
  10. I'm considering a five, but have reservations about all the other strings sounding balanced.

    Any thoughts?
  11. Well, I picked up the bass yesterday! It looks really well-built. Right now, I'm trying to get it set up well. I'm used to super low action on my MTD.

    First, the bass didn't come with a truss rod wrench. I know it's a standard allen wrench (5mm, apparently), but it should come with it. The shop I bought it (Garrett Park Guitars) had one at their bench, so they just gave it to me.

    So far I've turned the wrench probably about 3/4 of a turn. The problem is that the neck will feel great, and then I come back an hour or two later, and the action seems to have drifted back. Plus, the rod seems VERY tight and hard to turn, and I'm worried about continuing to crank it. Is that cause of the aluminum stabilizers?

    If anyone has any experience adjusting the 'fishes, please let me know if this has happened to you.

    My MTD's truss rod is very easy to turn, and very responsive. 1/4 turn does a LOT, and the neck stays where I put it. When there's a climate change that requires an action change, once I change it, it's set. But no matter what, I've never had to do more than 1/2 turn ever.

    Sound wise, it sounds great! I've only played it thru a bass POD so far, but it's nice. Tonight I have a gig, but I'm kind of worried bringing it as my only bass, just in case I'm not used to it. It's pretty easy to play...string spacing a little bit tighter than my MTD, which is full width. It's a much more traditional sound (kind of P Bass-ish), which is what I want for many things. It's not quite as comfortable as the MTD (no curved body and even with the banjo rest, is a bit sharp on my right forearm)...I just have to get used to the shape. Nice and balanced, though.
  12. Well, Len? How'd the gig go? How's that Rumblefish?!?
  13. Well, the gig went GREAT! It's always nice to have a bunch of young twenty something girls styling in front of the stage. Even though I'm not really interested (being happily married and all), it still does stroke the ego a bit.

    Anyway, the bass was awesome. The neck did settle down finally, and seems pretty stable. Nice low and easy action, and the neck is really comfortable.

    I was able to totally be extra agressive in playing this bass, compared to my MTD. I guess knowing it is only $700 and easily replaceable helps!

    But, it's really light and balanced. The shape is a bit less comfortable, especially that top edge, but not too unbearable.

    The sound is fantastic...growly, punchy, and warm. It lacks a bit of top end slice that I need, but I just tweaked the treble on the amp, and it seemed fine. I should spend more time tweaking the amp...With the MTD, I run the amp controls completely flat, and use the onboard tone controls to get what I need. The MTD's circuit is very shapeable. I need to experiment a bit to get the mids I want and such. Sometimes, the sound didn't come through as much as I'd like, but it dished up some huge support, much like a P bass.

    The B string is excellent, too. I just really like the change between the fish and the MTD. They are such different beasts.

    The purple color turned out awesome. It's dark, so until the lights hit it, it looks black in the dim light of a bar. The silver pickguard is wonderful. The whole bass just looks so retro cool.

    I think in general, for the high class gigs (weddings and corporate events), I'm gonna use the MTD, but for clubs, the 'fish.

    One final thing...this was so plug and play. I was at a wedding reception that night, and I end up getting to the club fifteen minutes before we started. I had little time to do much.

    But I was able to dial up a nice sound right away, and that was the first time I ever played the bass through my amp.

    I was also actually able to slap. It's not the end-all of slap sounds, but for the old school disco stuff, it worked fine.

    The dealer was very impressed with the bass. They had never sold one before, and now are really interested in increasing their line.

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