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Review: My PedalBoard

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Chronicle, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    September 6th, 2007- Added BOSS CE-5 Chorus
    September 8th, 2007 Added Moog MF-103 12/6 Stage Phaser
    September 15th, 2007 Reorangized pedals and updated Sansamp PBDDI.
    September 29th, 2007 Made a few changes. BBE Opto stomp and Ibanez PD-7 added.

    This will be a review on everything that is on my pedalboard as well as the actual board! :eek: I will also keep this updated for the pedals I am looking to buy in the next 2-3 months. It will have soundclips[Eat your hearts out Tool fans] of each pedal and their will be a description of what is on during the soundclip.

    As of August 29th 2007, I am directly recording, with my Rickenbacker 4003, into my computer using some recording software I found on download.com. The sound quality will be better when I learn to use my Guitar Rig 2.:hyper:

    So let's begin with the picture.
    Every pedal [Except the Opto Stomp] is in one big effects loop in the Barge Concepts VFB-2. The board is a PedalTrain PT-Pro. Pedaltrain's biggest board.


    Let's start off with the board itself.

    Pedaltrain PT-Pro- $149.99

    -This is a very nice board. I've looked at many of boards to try out including the NYC custom pedalboards. Those were very classy but I believe it would be very troublesome to get the power supply going to every pedal.
    -The Pedaltrain is very easy to maintain. All the wires go under the board itself instead of all over the place.

    -Very tidy setup. No wires in the way!
    -Pretty light, not too heavy. The white piece of plywood was heavier :rollno:
    -I got the gigbag with my pedaltrain. It's very easy to carry everything intact!

    -The only cons i can think of is that i didn't get it with a flight case- i'm a very clumsy person but I don't think it'd be worth another 150$ for a flight case. The gigbag is okay with padding but if you trip or something- the bag won't offer that much protection!

    Barge Concepts VFB-2 $119

    -Very nice effects looper/blender! It is also very nice that they customize these for you! Almost anything you can imagine, they will do! A very great company to deal with and their customer support is great! I love the Red/blue LED's since i'm sick of all the red LED's on my board! :smug:

    -There is a noticable difference in tone when it's on bypass. The soundclip will show that. All these effects will suck your tone a bit but this looper really saves my Rickenbacker 4003's tone! :hyper:

    -You can also mix your dirty signal(your effects loop) with your clean signal! A very nice feature to add some color to your effects.

    -One of the best Effects loopers/blenders you can get! A very nice price as well! The customizeable aspect really appeals to me as well.
    -Operates on D.C power! Just include it into your power supply!

    -The Feedback control is kind of pointless. Unless you want to make a creepy noise or blow people's eardrums. But you can customize the pedal not to have this. Since i'm stuck with it, i'll use it for creepy sounds in the future ;)

    Soundclips of the Barge Concepts VFB-2
    This first soundclip is first Clean and then i turn on the effects loop. You'll notice a big change in tone and volume!


    In this clip, you'll hear the Tonebender with the Feedback control.


    And here's an example of the Blending with the clean signal and the dirty signal (DD-3+BF-3)


    Next we have the..

    Digitech Bass Whammy $500-$700

    -The Bass whammy is not worth 500-700$ like you see on ebay. I would buy it for 350-400. That's all though. You can get a EHX HOG for 465$ and i hear it's almost as good as the bass whammy.
    -Don't get me wrong, I love this thing! It is incredible! It's the best tracking I've experienced with a whammy and the many many options is very nice. It's probably my favorite on the board!

    -Best tracking ever for bass. The EHX HOG comes in a close second but the Bass Whammy takes the cake!
    -Very, very easy to use and operate. It has a bypass switch if you're on a harmony setting and quickly want to go back to clean.

    -Very hard to find. Ebay occasionally has them for 400-700$....I was lucky to get mine for 250$!
    -A.C Powered. Need a seperate adapter for this badboy!
    -It hisses every once in a while but i haven't heard this from any other bass whammy owners so it's probably just mine.

    Soundclips of the Digitech Bass Whammy

    This first clip is my favorite to do on the Whammy. It's with the DD-3 and the Whammy set to 5thup/1up harmony.

    This next clip is with the Sansamp PBDDI [Overdrive], the DD-3, and the Whammy set to 1octup.


    This clips is with the Guyatone BR-2, DD-3, Sansamp[OD], and Whammy set to 1octup.


    This last clip is the Bass whammy alone but i'm going through all the octave options. [1 Octave up, 2 Octaves up, 2 Octaves down, 4 octaves down, 1 Octave down, Detune[chorus], [Harmony] 1 Octdown/up, 1down/4down, 4down,3up, 4down/5up, 5up/6down, 5up/1up.


    Next up is the..

    Sansamp Programmable Bass Drive D.I $209.99
    Updated 9/14/07

    -I use this pedal just for a grit sound right now. It's great at doing that! NEW Soundclip of it below!
    -As most of you already know, it's almost a must-have on any bass player's board. It can be a preamp, DI, Overdrive pedal, and sounds great!


    -It's a no-brainer here folks. It's a lot easier to bring a D.I box then carrying an extra amp with you while gigging!
    -Preamp capaibilities are nice to have.
    -The overdrive is okay, won't be my main overdrive/distortion though!

    -None really, except it's pretty huge!

    Soundclips of the Sansamp PBDDI

    This first clip is my first preset. You're first hear it with the Sansamp engaged, and then disengaged[inside the effects loop].


    This is my second preset, Overdrive. The Tremolo picking part will have some DD-3 delay.
    A tad loud.


    Sansamp as a grit machine!

    Next in line please....

    MXR Phaser 90 $89.99

    -I couldn't go wrong when i saw it on Ebay for Buy it Now for 50$. It's a good phaser pedal. Even better on guitar!...Ooops, I'm on Talkbass! :smug: But for bass, it's good and all. I like Phasers better than Flangers because of the sharpest they have.

    -This phaser is preaattyy basic. One knob for speed. Alright, that's cool- it already sounds good so i guess i don't need to touch the other settings! Lol, but in the end- if i get the Moog Phaser and love it on bass- this phaser might be thrown in my guitar pedalbox.

    -A pretty good phaser for bass. It sounds warm and sharp! It's cheap and small so it's not a bad buy even at full price!
    -Pretty damn simple! Just one knob to worry about! Phew!!!

    -And since it does only have one knob, you can't customize the phaser sound, only the speed. Not a horrible con though!
    -The sound really comes out in chords, you need to put the phaser faster if you want to hear the sound on single notes, or with delay.

    Soundclips of the MXR Phaser 90

    This is with the Phaser on about 8 o'clock with the DD-3. I actually like this bit better than with the Flanger ;P


    This clip is gonna be going from a slow phaser[9oclock] to a fast phaser[3-4 oclock] sound.


    Next next next up up up...

    Boss DD-3 Delay $103.99

    -I really don't know why delay pedals are so much money..I think i would've been happier if i paid like $70-80~ But that doesn't mean this is a good pedal!
    -The choices of how long the delays are is pretty good. I think a DD-6 would be cooler though since you can go up to 2600ms!
    -All in all, a great delay pedal- sounds good to me! I love the Hold option too. :p You'll see!

    -A very nice, clean, and easy to use delay pedal! I haven't tried many other delay pedals but it sounds good to me!
    -The Hold option can get any bassist groovin'!!!!!! A must have for a bassist who likes to just get in the funkeh mood!

    -You're probably paying mostly for the brand name, I wish it was cheaper!!
    -Could use more delay. The 1800ms capacity is enough but you know, more is better! :cool:

    Soundclips of the Boss DD-3

    Mostly, the DD-3 is used for effect combos in my playing but here's just the DD-3.

    Here's that Hold option i was talking about!

    Almost done!

    Boss BF-3 Flanger $119.99

    -Like i said before, I like phasers better. Flangers are cool and all but they can get boring :p
    -This pedal though sounds pretty good. It gets the job done and has many options.
    -We can probably all agree it's not the best flanger for bass but it's not horrible. I think if priced a little lower- It would make me a more happy camper :smug:

    -It has many options like Gate pan. Gate pan is kind of like a tremolo but not really. It also has an Ultra setting but i would only suggest it for a guitar.. You can also make your flanger at the tempo you tap your foot on it. Soundclips below.
    -Decent sounding and the controls are cool.

    -From what i've read, they're better flanger pedals out there for bass at this price range. But if you play bass and guitar like me, don't be discouraged to buy.
    -Kind of too digital sounding.

    Soundclips of the Boss BF-3

    This one is just with the BF-3.

    This is the foot tapping tempo feature.

    NeXt iS thE...

    Guyatone BR-2 Auto-wah $80

    -This now out of production autowah makes me think... why the hell is it out of production?! The only reason I can think of is that they released the WR-3 autowah for guitar and it seems it can be used for bass as well... I heard that it sucks!
    -This is a verrryyy funky pedal! :cool: Very basic controls and very fun to use.
    -Randy Coven [Of Steve Vai, Yngwie, Holy Mother] fell in love with first sight when he tried mine out! [Along with the Digitech Bass Whammy and Tonebender!]

    -It has a very unique sound, you can't get better than this! I love how it sounds.
    -Very easy to control. Two knobs lets you control the threshold and decay.

    -Really i have no cons about it. It's small...maybe too small but PSSH who cares?! right?!

    Soundclips of the Guyatone BR-2

    This is just the BR-2.

    You've heard the other soundclip with the BR-2 in it, and i'm getting tired :D. So let's move on..

    The Colorsound TONEBENDER $300

    -There isn't a better fuzz. Period. The Big Muff has nothing on this. No offence to Big Muff fans, it's not my cup of tea.
    -This fuzz retains the bass so well, it's incredible.

    -One of the best fuzzes out there!
    -Retains low end.
    -True Bypass.

    -Yes this has cons. It's very expensive... I think more people would have this pedal if it was cheaper.
    -No Power adapter, but you can always change that..
    [Oh the horror story of how I did it to mine!..]

    Soundclips of the Tonebender

    At the beginning of this soundclip, it begins with the Tonebender and you'll hear another effect which is the BR-2.

    This one is to show you how it retains the lowend with the Treble/Bass knob. First riff is Full treble, then middle, then all bass!

    Last but kind of not least!

    The Boss TU-2 $99.99

    -Well, in the beginning, I mainly used this for a power supply. It's a good tuner though. You can see it in the dark and in the sun!

    -It's a good tuner! I use it for Chromatic tuning.

    -A little too much money if you ask me.

    BOSS CE-5 $80

    -Well now i know why people think Chorus and Flanger sound alike! haha
    -It's a good chorus pedal and i couldnt say no to a 50$ price tag. But it sounds almost identical to a Flanger with no Res.

    -A good chorus for the pricetag! Works well with bass as well as guitar.
    -Has a High/low filter that customizes the sound a bit.

    -I heard a very identical sound from my BF-3 but there was still a slight difference.
    -Have to turn the E.Level all the way up. Don't know if this counts as a con though :p

    I don't know why the soundcard is distorting... I tried it with just the bass too.. So i'll update the clip if it ever goes back to normal lol

    The first part is just CE-5 and then some DD-3 delay is added.

    Moog MF-103 Phaser $299.99

    -Okay i was very excited for this pedal. I tried it with bass when i got home at 1am but i couldnt hear it cause i had to keep the volume low. So i switched over to guitar and listened to it on my computer. WOW what a phaser!!! But..
    -When i hooked it up today with my bass, it was very hard to hear the phaser. Even with chords, i had to turn a lot of the settings up to just get a phaser sound.. I'm going to play with it more but it's looking like bad for the Moog.
    -You can hook up an expression pedal to the Moog. You have 4 jacks you can choose from for the exp. pedal. One for each setting like Sweep, LFO, Resounance, and Rate. I haven't experimented with it yet but from the video i've seen- it sounds way too wierd for me :p
    -The MF-103 sounds better when i turn on the Tonebender but still- I wish it worked like it did on the guitar.

    -Definately the best phaser for guitar! For bass? You be the judge.. I like it with the Tonebender!
    -Unique options with an expression pedal.
    -Analog Phaser
    -Unique sounds.

    -Not great for bass. I could've bought a fretless bass for the money! ;/
    -Very hard to hear the phaser with bass.

    Soundclips of the Moog MF-103

    The soundclips came out great.. makes me want to play the Moog some more XD Maybe it's just not my cup of tea.

    Here's just the Moog.

    The Moog with the Tonebender.

    And for you guitarists in disguise!

    BBE Opto Stomp $80

    -A great compression pedal, i must say! It's transparent and doesn't hurt the tone at all. It also boosts volume a bit :)
    -I have the Opto Stomp outside the loop because it sounds that great! I use it 99% of the time.

    -Transparent and clear compression!
    -Cheap and not a bad size pedal. Simple to use.

    -None that I see! I'm not sure what the -15dP switch does.. just lowers the volume. Whatever! lol

    Soundclips of the BBE Opto Stomp

    I just need one clip to show how much it rocks! BBE Off and then On.

    Ibanez PD-7 $50!

    -I was pretty surpised with this pedal. It's a great pedal for distortion/overdrive. I got this for free.. well actually I was paid 20$[Traded my MXR Phase 90 too] for it! :) [Thanks Tbird ;D] Anyways, it's a great bass distortion pedal!

    -Cheap!! 50$ for this pedal? It's worth every buck!
    -Great distortion out of this guy!
    -BOSS style size

    -Well, I'm not sure if it's just mine, but when i try to hit the footswitch- you have to hit the pedal in the middle to turn it on! That's a little annoying!
    -Just a little noisey!

    Soundclips of the Ibanez PD-7

    Here's just the PD-7.

    This one you may have heard before :)
  2. Cheers for the uber review!

    I would add IMO that the BR-2 is quite cheaply built. I like it, but its cheap :)

    Also +1 with the VFB-2 feedback setting. While I really like playing with it and creating some weird noises, it should be used with caution!
    I had been using it for about 20 minutes messing around one day, when I decided to change some settings on other pedals... Out of no where, the loudest, most ear piercing, pop/screech sound, pretty much blew my head off (I was on my knees in front of my cab at the time). It was actually quite painful! I have been scared to use it at anything but REALLY low volumes since and kinda wince when I bump the knob up a bit :meh:

    EDIT: Also, just to throw another opinion into the ring, I currently prefer my Sovtek green muff to my Tonebender... I find it to be a little clearer somehow. Its like its less fuzzy without being less fuzzy :) My fuzz preference changes about as often as my underwear though (weekly to fortnightly).
  3. Thunderwood


    Mar 20, 2007
    Delafield, WI
    I looked at your pedalboard and thought "Oh Ok, he's got a lot of justin chancellor effects" ;) then I listened to the clips :bassist:

    Nice Review.
  4. squarewave

    squarewave Supporting Member

    Jun 16, 2004
    Iowa City, Iowa USA
    Nice work! I enjoyed the read (and the listen).
  5. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    thanks, 2 hours worth of work there! ><
  6. Racermech


    Apr 10, 2007
    Nice review Chronicle. Makes me want quite a few of those pedals more and more. I am already steadily collecting stuff, but it gives me great insights into some other pedals.
  7. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    Definately, i'll be updating maybe in the next 2-3 weeks with a new pedal :]
  8. Racermech


    Apr 10, 2007
    What's the next purchase? I personally have a Br-2 in the mail right now, and probably a Flanger as my next purchase.

    Also, I have had so so luck with my Sansamp PBBDI. I love the pedal, but I guess I havent used it in its element yet. Someday, when I am playing without an amp into either a recording console or a PA, I will probably love it.
  9. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    I'm still playing with my PBDDI to get it good sounding with the amp. The Overdrive is cool, not worth 100$+ though :p I'd rather have the XXL for OD.

    My next purchase is probably going to be the BBE Opto Stomp Compressor. It will be the first pedal to be outside the effects loop.
  10. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    Hmm i've been experimenting with the PBDDI and it adds some very nice grit if you put the Drive knob onto about 1oclock :]

  11. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    I'm gonna try and find a CE-5 on Ebay right now, so we'll see how that goes :]
  12. Id sell you mine, but by the time you pay the shipping, you could probably get one cheaper on Ebay. Mine is as new. See how you go :)
  13. eyvindwa


    Aug 1, 2007
    Oslo, Norway
    KarateKid; how much do you want for it? I live in Norway, so shipping is bound to cost anyway, and I guess it would be about the same from the US as from Australia?
  14. I wanted about $50 aussie for it. PM me if your interested. Im not sure im supposed to be selling off pedals in other peoples threads :D
  15. Very nice review. YouÂ’ve upped the bar with the sound clips.

  16. ive gotta get me a tonebender! Thats an amazing sounding fuzz/distortion :bassist:

    im afraid to ask or look up how much it is :rollno:
  17. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    It says 300$ coolrunner :p

    I see some cheap CE-5's on ebay right now-- i be hunting them ;P
  18. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    I should be in the effects addicts club, as I have a bit of a problem, (14 pedals). You're review was insightful, and the soundclips are awesome. Wish I had some soundclips BEFORE I bought a few of my fx online. Live and learn? I think not.
  19. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    I always research the pedals before i buy them. I get soundclips and everything.
  20. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    CE-5 on the way :] 50$+10s/h-- not bad i suppose.

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