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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Green Lantern, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern

    Nov 3, 2011
    Everyone knows the Fender Jazz bass but with the competition making some pretty good copies at a lower cost Fender had to do something to keep their instruments competitive. You no longer could just use the name Fender against the competition.

    Fender updated their bass guitars in 2008 with the graphite truss rod, beefier pickups, larger bridge, strings going through the back, lighter tuners and a more modern C neck. No real change has been done since nor was it needed. In 2017 they are updating the bass guitars with a better case and some minor tweaks. Regarding higher end bass guitars Fender did not want to loose customers to Sadowsky and Lakland, so they came out with their Fender Elite basses which offer active electronics and newer pickups that most say sound better than the Deluxe it replaced.

    I previously had a G&L 2500 bass and many have said Fender quality was not on par against G&L.
    With the improvements Fender made in 2008 I can say they are on par. Not only their bass guitars but their guitars as well. The American Standard instruments from Fender are of high quality. My 5 string Jazz low B string sounds full and strong. Neck is very easy to play on, it weighs 9.3 pounds which is lighter than my G&L 5 and the sound of the bass it what you expect. No dead spots and the neck connection is very solid.
    This is a great passive bass guitar. If you want added flexibility, you can buy a Mesa Boogie Tone Burst pedal which does not change the sound of the bass but provides an active sound which means the tone is more forward, it reacts a little more to subtle touch and a little brighter with the EQ set at noon. Now you have an active and passive bass. Plus it won't cost as much as the Elite bass guitar.

    The American Standard Jazz and P bass are both quality instruments that will make you smile when you play them
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  2. BassDaddy77


    Feb 12, 2010
    NE Ohio
    Nice write up! The consensus seems to be that the 2008 and newer models are nice, well-built instruments.

    Having said that, I recently sold my American Std J5 (2011 model). Mine just wasn't up to snuff. It had a fairly large neck pocket gap (2 credit cards could slip in on either side), a weak sounding B string even after multiple attempts to address the issue, and my bridge saddles were bottomed out leaving me with action too high for my liking.

    On the plus side, the Oly White finish was really nice and it had a great feeling neck . I really wanted that bass to be a keeper, but I ended up holding onto my Squier VM Jazz instead. Less issues and a lot less coin! Enjoy that new American Fender. I hope yours ends up being a keeper!
  3. Nedmundo

    Nedmundo Supporting Member

    Jan 7, 2005
    I used to own a 2008 Jazz V, and I now have a 2013 G&L M-2500. I agree the 2008+ American Standard Fenders are excellent, but mine was not as quite as good as the G&L. It wouldn't set up with the low action I prefer, even after getting Plek'd, and the neck wasn't as solid as the quartersawn neck on the G&L. (The quartersawn necks are optional and carry an upcharge, but some G&L's used to come with them. I ordered a JB in 2010 without specifying a quartersawn neck, and it just showed up with one.) My Jazz V was beautifully built though, and I thought the stock pickups sounded fantastic.

    By the way, just to clarify, U.S. Fenders do not have graphite truss rods. They're graphite reinforcement bars in the neck, which they had long before 2008.
  4. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern

    Nov 3, 2011

    Here is my new American Standard Jazz bass. When I want the classic sound I just plug in in and play. When I want a little more up front sound with more top end like an active bass, I activate the Mesa Boogie Tone Burst pedal. Two great sounds.[​IMG]
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  5. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern

    Nov 3, 2011
    Had my first gig with the bass and it was awesome. Love the weight, the feel of the neck, and the sound I got it through my Aguilar Tone Hammer 500. Trying DR Sunbeams when I need to change strings. So far the D Addario XL's are my favorite
  6. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    That's a beauty. I have fond memories of the one I had.
  7. Mochimaqui


    Jun 11, 2017
    I have the same bass. Do you know what is the hole under the pick board for? agujero bajo.jpg
  8. :thumbsup::thumbsup: Two thumbs up for my 2014 Am Std P, which I've owned for the last three years and been very happy with. It's a keeper for life.
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