Revive Old Peavey or Buy a new Amp?

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  1. A friend of mine GAVE me an old Peavey TNT 130 amp with Black Widow speakers. :p

    however, a couple of months after i got it, it stopped working right. Due to my lack of amp knowledge, im not sure if it is fixable or not. It just doesnt work right... the sound only works a little bit and the knobs are all messed up and theres a lot of static and popping when i change settings. But i dont really know how to describe the problem exactly.

    Should I attempt to get it fixed? Or should I just buy something new. I was looking at a GK rig and a Markbass combo, but im not sure i could afford either right now.

    Is there hope for the Peavey?
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    Peaveys get a lot of love over there, not so much over here. I'd say sell it/give it away as a project, the US TBers will tell You to get it fixed ;).

    The symptoms You described sound like worn potentiometers/contacts. Unfortunately IME there's usually no point in cleaning them as the resistive track and/or the wiper dent has vanished over the time so new potentiometers is the only way to get the amp into a good working order.

    Replacing potentiometers themselves is not difficult, but basic sodering skills and electronics skills are required. Not to mention knowledge about safety procedures.

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    It might be merely a simple fix. Call around your area to see what the amp techs are
    charging for bench time to check it out. With Peavey's it's usually something that'll run under 100 bucks in most cases.
  4. Pull off the knobs and spray the pots with contact cleaner(make sure the cleaner is plastic safe).Repeat this, then let sit for 15 minutes or so. Replace the knobs, and then plug in and try it out. Freqently this will help if you have dirty pots, which it sounds like you might. If it is more than this I would suggest replacing the amp. Used TNT's can be found for under $200, and your repair fee will probably approach that. If you do junk the amp, be sure to pull out the black widow. These are solid speakers that are worth the price of the amp themselves.
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    Contact cleaner needs to be sprayed into the pot itself not on the shaft. Doing what you suggest will work only if you are lucky. What it will do is remove the lubrication from between the shaft and the bushing and eventually the pot will stiffen and lock.


    P.S. I am not a Peavey lover but I think that the amp is worth at least getting a quote on. Then you'll be able to make an informed decision on a new amp. P
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    The problem sounds more like DC on the pots, the OP says they are all like that. IMHO, I'd give the amp away as suggested above and buy that Markbass combo amp you have been dreaming about. :cool: