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Rewiring a Cort Billy Cox Freedom or another stacked pot thread

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by bkbrandon, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Hi all, my first post here on TB but I've been picking up knowledge around here for awhile.
    So, in no car NYC my main bass now lives at my bands rehearsal space and I'm sick of practicing on the fretless so it's time to bring the old 4 string back to life.

    It's a Cort Billy Cox Freedom Bass, in highschool I just loved the whole 3 pickup idea. It has a P-style in the neck position with two J pick ups behind. Each with a stacked Vol/Tone and an "Active Circuit" switch. And was actually a nifty little bass, till the stingray 5 got into the picture.

    A few years of hanging around doing nothing all the pots got sticky and eventually it just didn't produce any sound. As I've always wanted to try my hand wiring a guitar Here we go.

    My goal is to get it basically back to spec with a few minor changes. I intend to do away with the useless active section and hope to replace it with a master vol. Which sounds a little strange but the hope is to be able to turn the amp up a little more than needed and trim back on the bass so I can create the tone I like with the the independent vol and then adjust the level without affecting that.

    The guts are already taken out, and it originally seems to have been wired from one pot to the next. Which, as I've heard mentioned around here, can cause some tone control interactions. Which as I read about I began to recall this bass being fun but getting muddy quick.

    So my plan is to use a modified version of the diagram Stealth has shared around on a couple threads (as seen here: http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f38/thinking-switching-stacked-vol-tone-knobs-1043666/index3.html)

    Just with another pup. My thought is then to just throw a vol right between the resistors and the output. I realize this is decreasing a signal that will already be somewhat weak and isn't ideal. I hope to use the smallest isolating resistors possible, and am willing to accept some tone control interaction.

    So, it all seems fairly straight forward but in the end my question is: 4 volumes and 3 tones on one bass, am I daft?

    And also, this instrument by no means needs to become the new star of the line up. It just needs to get running again. So compromise is acceptable. I'm entirely open to other crazy ideas about how to rewire this thing. I'd rather not go active but all the right holes are there if I end up changing my mind.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. and also, none of the cavities have foil shielding. Is it worth taking the time to put in or is there a reason they would leave it unshielded?
  3. The Jazz bass style stacked knob configuration never caught on, because it was compromised. If you have two tone controls in a passive signal path, they won't function independently unless you isolate the pickups with resistors. Using resistors for isolation leads to volume drops, however.