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Rewiring a Squier Jaguar Special

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ObeyDaRiffness, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. ObeyDaRiffness


    Sep 25, 2016
    I think i'm gonna buy one soon, and I was thinking of removing the active circuit and wiring it in a Rick-fashion, tone and volume for each pickup.
    My question is this doable? If so, does it require much experience?
  2. bobbycas11


    Jul 15, 2017
    CT, USA
    still need help with this? i know this thread is old but i just rewired my entire jaguar special and made it passive, changed the tone cap (highly recommended, it comes with a .047uf tone cap and i replaced it with a .068 and i love the sound, i also tried a .1uf but it was a little too dark for me, but the .068 sounds a lot better than the .047uf stock one, could also be because a stock squier probably comes with the cheapest capacitors they can find) but what i did was i removed the active boost circuit, re-wired it all with new CTS hand matched pots, just a volume, volume, tone, and put the tone control where the active boost control was and used the hole where the tone control was and but a separate output jack there like where they're located on a jazz or p bass. i kept the original output jack on the bottom wired in but just snipped the wires and covered them with electrical tape so that if i wanted later down the road I could wire it to just the bridge pickup, then have the same kind of thing Rickenbackers have with the stereo output, so i could run each pickup to a different amp and put effects on the cleaner/higher bridge pickup while keeping the neck pickup clean to hold down the bottom. Just gotta figure out how to wire in a separate volume pot maybe under the control plate that's always on all the way, so that i can turn the bridge pickup off at the main output so that only the neck pickup runs out of there, while the bridge pickup would still be turned on from the other original output jack. i'd also want to wire in some kind of tone control, maybe a stacked tone pot or maybe just wire in a low value capacitor (maybe .022uf) to just be on all the time. not sure, but there's lots of fun stuff to experiment, especially now that i have a MIM jazz bass that i also upgraded, the squier is now my fun project to mess with, and i still play it just as much as my jazz!
  3. Two treble cut pots (tone knobs) are kind of pointless w/o a 3-way switch.
    If there's no switch (or even when the switch has both pickups selected) both treble cut pots will affect the overall timbre. In other words, each treble cut pot is not only affecting the timbre of the pickup it's associated with, unless you isolate it with a switch.

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