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  1. grindmore


    Jun 21, 2002
    brooklyn here is the deal, i play a 95 mim jazz bass. i keep my neck volume up, bridge volume down and tone up. I play in an extremely energetic rock band ( and often get tackled and such and find my knobs getting moved and then i come in with no sound. because of this, among other reasons i want to rewire my bass with the neck volume up all the way, bridge volume down all the way and tone up all the way. making it so i have no knobs to worry about. maybe add an on/off switch. any suggestions, tips, ideas????
  2. have it wired so u have no knobs just switches like 2,one for each picup, like on and off.i forget how but its wicked easy todo u can remove the tone knob but have it sounding like its all the way up. since u dont use ur bridge pickup why dont u just remove it.
  3. 4Mal

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    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    just solder the black & white wires from the neck p/u straight to the jack. You might need to splice a little bit of wire in there just to reach but that's it ...

    I have one bass that is wired that way except both p/u's go straight to the jack. That one is a project and I wired it up so that I could have a local repair guy cut a new nut and intonate for me as I'm too busy to do it myself. Sounded fine like that! When it get's back, it has a set of Seymore Actives and a Pre-amp to go with it so you and I are headed in slightly different directions there LOL!

    One comment though, if you're playing in a room with a bunch of interfereence, it's a whole lot quieter with both p/u's wired up ... unless you're running a stacked humbicker that is ...