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REX 2000/5 - Ordered

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by PanteraFan, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. Today I put the deposit on my REX 2000/5 at a local store. It'll take 4-6 weeks for delivery, as they only had black and blue stain fivers in stock at Rotosound, and I've got my heart set on the Holoflash. So, £100 deposit and a phonecall, it's on order. The receipt is on my noticeboard in front of me right now :D.

    Expect pictures around the 15th of January. Shame it's right in the middle of exam time so I won't be able to play it that much :(.

    I'll break the trend of no/poor quality Holoflash photos on the net!


  2. Is this the US Custom shop model?
  3. No, a Korean Neck-Through.
  4. Congrats! I've had mine since last October - but don't have a digital camera! If I'm to believe what I was told, mine was the first 5 stringer in Holoflash to be brought into the country!:)

    BTW - mine cost £665! What you getting yours for????
  5. £640, argued the guy down from £740. I don't have a digital camera either, but I have a scanner by god!

  6. Congrats man! I'vce had mine for about 6 weeks and I am still loving it. They are pretty sweet basses and I know you will enjoy it. I'dlike to see some pics of the holoflash too. That would have been my first choice but I bought it used so I had to go with black.

  7. nice one! I think you're really gonna like it!!! It's (gonna be) my main gigging bass! The scanner thing boggles my mind just now - maybe because that last Wild Turkey was a bit stronger than I had anticipated.......
  8. Why isn't it your main bass now?

    I already have plans. First thing, some stainless DR Lo-Riders, .50 .70 .90 .110 .130. Then, I'll convert the preamp to 18V, and the coup de grace will be some real EMG's, 40DC's I think. These are drop in, I love kwik connect by EMG!

    Should sound like a Czech Spector by this point. That justifies me saving for a US Fretless bolt on five string when I get to uni, or maybe a G&L. And at some point, a Peavey 210TVX, a 115BXBW and a Nitrobass to replace my current stuff.

    Gotta love that industrial placement year - gauranteed £10,000 for the year!


  9. Well, it's mainly because we ain't been giggin! Tha last gig was with the REX - over 1 year ago, we've become a studio band, recording an album. We're now disillusioned, and are planning to just gig, gig, gig! Also, the REX was in a car crash with me! it took a little longer to heal than I did, but it's alright now!

    Mine's running on .45 - .130 strings just now, it's still 9v and is still using the Hz pups - through my Trace Rig or even my Ashdown practice amp, it sounds great!:)

    Glad to see you have plans - it's taken me years to get to this point!!!:(


  10. I would wait until you hear it with the EMG HZs. These may not be as good as the real EMGs, but they sound pretty damn good. I know I would be very hesitant to change the sound of my REX.
  11. Well, I played a Czech five string with the BTS preamp and 40DC's, and the tone blew me away. If the REX sounds anything like it, I'll be happy for a long time.

    But the basic fact is that I like to tinker. And having a maxd out REX just appeals to me. I'll probably never bother changing the preamp or anything.
  12. SA-WEEEET!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I love my Spector.I'm lookin to get a five string soon and the Rex would be my top choice!

  13. I agree - the Hzs with the EMG preamp are pretty good, I havenb't got any intention of changing them!

  14. I also have an NS5CR - with the DC40s and the BTS preamp, it is brilliant. The Hzs with the EMG pre are about 90% output and maybe about 90% of the tonal control!

    Wait and see for yourself, I'm sure you'll be impressed!
  15. welcome to the club

    mine is my main axe

    the fender lays in its case

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