RH450 knobs...any better quality replacement options?

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  1. I had a few cracked knobs on my RH450, so I contacted TC and they sent me some replacements. These have also cracked, so I contacted a local supplier who want $15 each for them. Does anyone have any other alternatives to the rubbish knobs they use on these amps?

    I’m not paying $70 for a set of knobs that barely lasted 12 months.
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    Not meaning any disrespect but in over fifty years of playing I have never damaged a single knob. What’s your secret - how did you manage to break so many? :)
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    Check out knobeez.com. I have these rubber knobs on all my basses and on my RH750 as well. They will never break and look very close to stock - unless you decide to go with one of the many colors!
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    It was a common fault in the RH750s - I replaced mine three times. When I finally sold it (mostly for that reason) I sent along a spare set of knobs. Apparently the RH450 has the same problem.
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  5. I think they are designed to break, I bought it used with cracked knobs and a quick email to TC got me a new set in a few days. This time I have to go through Music Group or TRIBE or whoever they are and they are demanding Proof of Purchase & Date of Manufacture. I don't have proof of purchase (bought from Classifieds) and no idea on date of a manufacture. I'll probably just sell it with cracked knobs. I never use it anyway, which makes it even more frustrating that the knobs have cracked again.

    Since posting this thread I've found myself back in the Amps forum and GAS is reignited.
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