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Ric 4001FL truss rod issue..

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by endlessbassic, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. endlessbassic


    Dec 23, 2004
    Hey everybody.. i posted this message on another forum, and thought
    it would be good to post it here as well, (i hope cross-posting is an acceptable thing to do? Somebody please let me know if not..), as i'm still up the proverbial creek.. any assistance would be extra-appreciated! Also, my apologies in advance for the length.. it'll appeal to those of you who are into the tedious! Lastly, at the very bottom, is my reply re: new parts, etc.. My sincerest gratitude to you all, for even reading this..

    I'm the proud owner of a '75 4001FL, and have never needed to adjust the truss rods in the 9+ years i've had it. However, i recently purchased a Hipshot ric-replacement bass bridge, and needed to tighten the rods, as the action was beyond high. So, off with the TRC.. the bad news: the nuts are both pretty rounded (as a result of an open-end wrench in it's past?) and were bent down into the t-rod cavity. The 'good' news is i could get just enough bite on them to turn them (properly, mind you, following the old-style rod-adjusting protocol, and using the proper wrench), but in doing so, i split one of the nuts in half, and the threads on the rod aren't looking too hot either.. So, here are my questions:

    1) Do i need to pull the rods and re-cut/clean the threads? If so, can someone please tell me exactly how to pull the rods; they do slide easily, but only to the edge of the TR cavity, and i have no interest in further damage by exerting upward pressure on the fingerboard.

    2) Is it possible to just purchase new nuts, if a re-thread is needed? I've looked all over creation for these, and am getting the impression i'll have to go to a machine shop/pro fastener supply to have them fabricated..

    3) Should i just replace the rods? I've emailed all kinds of folks who supposedly can make these, but almost no one's responded.

    4) Is there another solution/alternative to my little conundrum (HotRods, etc.)? If so, i am all ears, as this is my one and only bass, and i play(ed) her every day..

    I'm not opposed to taking the long way home and doing the work myself, as i know of no one in the Chicago area that's experienced with 4001's. For the record, the original bridge is now back on the bass, but obviously it'll still need adjusting, or at the very least, the t-rods will need to be secured.

    Any assistance anyone can provide will be so greatly appreciated. I don't have access to a camera, so pics aren't available, but if my descriptions aren't helpful, i'll do my best to re-clarify. Also, sorry for the very long post.. just wanted to be clear. Thanks much in advance..
    My reply:
    I now think i may have a source for the rods and/or nuts (waiting on a call back), but here's the problem: as i said before, the rods will slide to the end of the the cavity, but to be able to fully remove them, i'll have to exert enough upward pressure to clear over 1/4" to get the threaded end out, and i feel strongly, given the scant amount of t-rod length sitting in the cavity, that this could easily pop the fingerboard.. i learned long ago that physics is, to me at least, a fair-weather friend! Maybe i'm being paranoid, but better to be safe than sorry, right?

    I'm still not opposed to pulling the exisiting rods, and 'reconditioning' them, but maybe in the long run, new rods are
    the way to go? I gotta get this baby back up and running.. i'm losing my touch over here!