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    Jul 14, 2002
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    whats the averagae/cheapest price you guys have seen for a 4003 these days?
  2. New or used?

    New you could probably score one in the $1200 neighborhood. I haven't really looked into new ones much, so thats just going off memory.

    I see used Rics on ebay alot. But ebay is iffy at best. Auctions can close anywhere between $400 and $900 from the ones I've watched.
  3. zzounds.com has new 4003s for $995. I bought mine from musiciansfriend.com for $1149, but they price-matched the $995 figure when I found it a couple of days after the bass arrived in the mail.

    Someone posted something awhile back about another online dealer selling them for $950.
    Save for needing a setup to suit my preferences, the bass is in perfect condition.
    Oh, and the price includes a Ric HSC.
  4. If you price shop between Musician's Friend, ZZounds, Music123, etc. you'll find one for around $975 new, and a very clean/excellent condition 4003 can go for $775 on Ebay. I bought a 2002 4003 Sunglo off ebay from Vintage Bass Traders, for $750 plus $25 shipping and it was without a mark. Good luck.