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  1. oldpicker


    Apr 29, 2011
    my first foray into the world of building a bass
    i have set up and worked on quite a few but nowhere near the amount of time i have spent with guitars

    currently in the design phase of constructing a neck through design based on 1979 ric 4001 -
    i am proposing some changes to the original design and hoping to get a little feed back on my idea

    here is a section of the proposed neck


    the original uses a 10mm thick fingerboard with a pair of truss rods beneath it

    i plan to use a single biflex trussrod with two CF stiffening bars

    instead of the thick fingerboard i intend to cap the 3 piece laminated neck [close to quartered timber]
    with a 4mm section of the same timber [flat sawn] used for the two outer lams

    the standard size premade [quartered] 6mm rosewood fingerboard will glued to the cap

    the truss rod channell and CF bars will be placed as per the top diagram

    i guess the biggest question for me right now is whether to set the truss rod and CF bars under the cap as in this section below


    i have chosen a premade fingerboard to assist this project to come home on budget

    thanks in advance to any one who wishes comment on this method of construction
  2. That is going to be quite a beefy neck profile. Are you intending it to be like that? Is the Ric like that?
    Personally, a thin neck profile is a fundamental element in my neck design. If it were me I'd get rid of the transition laminate layer. You are already supplementing stiffness with those CF rods so you don't need such a beefy profile, unless of couse you want it like that.
  3. oldpicker


    Apr 29, 2011
    this is at the nut and measured directly from the ric
    1.7" wide x .95" deep - tapers a bit by the time you get to the 1st fret

    this is for a guy who owns a couple of old 4001's already and he will be wanting a similar feel
    i intend to duplicate the back profile as close as i can

    the finger board creates a ledge to give some string break - you can see how it works at the nut in the pic below
    the fingerboard is the full depth to the headstock