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    <font size="+2"><b>Richard Bona - Live Video</b></font></center><br><br>The easy-going native Cameroonian who's lived in Paris, and now New York, Richard Bona is one of the hottest bass players on the planet right now playing with everyone from Joe Zawinul, Mike Stern, Cecil Taylor, Bobby McFerrin, George Benson, and is a fulltime member of the Pat Metheny Group but this isn't why he's so self assured. No, his confidence is practically without ego, it's more borne of the almost feted, pre-destined path he's followed since childhood. Back once again in London for another week's residency, at his favourite stomping ground, the Dean Street Pizza Express, Bona's been thrilling crowds with his spellbinding blend of Afro-jazz-fusion.

    Read a full interview with Richard Bona on as he talks about his music and log into the ‘Special Performances’ area to watch two amazing performances, one being Bona’s trademark take on Jaco Pastorius’ superbly funky ‘Liberty City’, recorded live at one of London’s most intimate jazz venues.

    Read the full interview
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