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SOLD Richelieu Spectre - One of A Kind!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Idiot Savon, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Idiot Savon

    Idiot Savon Tall, Dark, Handsome, etc., etc. Supporting Member

    Jun 22, 2009
    Essex, CT
    This is a one-off bass from the now-defunct Richelieu Guitars company in Bridgeport. As you can see, it is serial number 001.
    The iridescent finish has seen better days, but the sound and action are fantastic. The builders were Richard and Lou Syarto, who also worked for Fender.
    The pickups are DiMarzios, the bridge is a BadAss, and the tuners are Schallers.
    She comes with a generic hardshell case that's got a cracked corner and scuffs galore, but will protect her in transit.
    Here's the blurb from the Blue Book:
    Instruments previously built in Bridgeport, CT between 1982 and 1984.
    The Richelieu company was founded by a pair of musicians to produce good quality guitars in their regional Connecticut area. Between 1982 and 1984, Richelieu produced customized neck-through-body Spectre guitars, and customers could specify various pickups and finishes. It has been confirmed that the company produced seventy-five guitars and a few bass models. A second model, the Black Rock, had name badges but the model itself was never produced. Unfortunately, the company ran out of funds before the model design really took off. Serial numbers are impressed into the back of the headstock. Source: David J. Pavlick, Woodbury, CT."

    From Blue Book of Electric Guitar Values

    I'm happy to trade, too. I'm always looking for a new sound, it seems.

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    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018

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