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  1. i was just playing my bass and i accidently flip the swtich up, and my bass stop playing !!!!. just be sure if the switch is flipped up thats the neck pickup right? i dont if i did anything to it, i'm never really rough with it but what the hell? could it just be a wiring problem you think? and if so how can if ix that, i never figured out how to take off all the clunky metal stuff and the pickguard or taking the knobs off. i mean i dont even use the neck pickup it just pisses me off that it doesnt work you know. so any help would be great, thanks again for the help guys.
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    May 6, 2005
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    Chances are, you're plugged into the Rick-O-Sound jack and not the regular mono jack, that would gove you just the breidge pickup. I did that once, freaked me the hell out. I went through and resoldered half the wireing before I figured out what I had actually done.

    ~Paul :)
  3. alright thanks, i'll try that when i have an amp near by.. keep you updated.
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    Yep, everyone with a Ric with stereo outs does that...once.
  5. haha yup, turned out you guys were right. boy i feel stupid lol