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  1. Do you have mp3s of your rave/trip hop band available? I'd like to hear some of it.

    - Jamey
  2. rickbass

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    Sorry, Every1, I'm just an old Luddite - I don't have anything to upload, (nor have I ever done it :rolleyes: ).

    We tried recording a couple of times and it sounded like a mess. So many of these things take place way out in the sticks in buildings or airplane hangars on ranches and farmland that are like barns (once it was an old barn! :eek: ). So, the acoustics stink. And the synths are really hard to capture on a dinky, little, portable, recording unit. They can go ridiculously low.

    It's mostly just your basic, repetitive, trance music and trip-hop, anyway. But the money is just too good to pass up.

    BTW, feel free to email me for this one-on-one stuff instead of starting a thread.