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Ricken Fans , A little Help???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by charles21o7, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. Ive been checking out alot of RICs lately , and i really like the 4004CII , but I cant Find any online, other than the Rickenbacker site. So , My Questions are: Does anyone know where I can buy one online, Does anyone know the sale Price of one, and Do they all come in Gold Hardware??? Thanks for the help.
  2. www.ricpage.com Is where i get all my Ric fixes..including all my basses. They will sell them...usually have several on order and various picks of them on the site to give you a more accurate representation of what they look like. Excellent customer service..Mike Parks is an A+ guy to deal with.

    www.pickofthericks.com also sells them ...never really dealt with them other than a few emails though..they seem nice...and usually get them in often.

    There are a few other sites..i find these are the best though.

    As for the gold hardware...you can get the Laredo which is basically the same but with chrome hardware.

    And a heads up...if you order one..expect to wait approximately 9 months..give or take a few months.
  3. BTW, Ricpage has a current US price list on their site under the "info" section. CII's list for $1749..but thats just list. Expect a little lower for actual sales price.
  5. Yeah the wait on a new one from the factory is about that long. Hopw that Ricpage or some site has one in, which they sometimes do. Good luck finding one in a local shop though.

  6. Yes..you have to wait...it could take a few months less..or it could take a few months more than 9. I say 9 cause thats a good estimate in my opinion. They have quite the waiting list..and still have to fill stock orders besides what people ordered.
    Good example..my fretless ric 4003 was ordered originally the first week of March...i have yet to hear anything and am approching month six. (I last heard...end of summer..possible fall, but thats no gaurntee)
    There are a few other members on this board who have been waiting a while for Rics too. So your best bet is to email both those companies and see if they are expecting any soon. And lay claim to one ASAP.
    Or if your patient...watch ebarf for a used one..or just go ahead and order one. Im not patient at all...and im grinding my teeth everyday...but hey...i really wanted one. :)