SOLD Rickenbacker 2060 El Dorado bass RARE!

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    For sale is a beautiful, rare, hard to find Rickenbacker 2060 El Dorado bass. The bass is estimated to have been built between 92 & 97, although I'm awaiting confirmation from Rickenbacker. It is a bolt on neck Rickenbacker bass. Pickup height is adjust from the back of the instrument, which is very cool. The bass is in very clean condition given that it is nearly 25 years old. I think the bass manages to look slightly cleaner in the photos than in person, although the body lacquer could likely use a nice polish & look amazing. I doubt the bass has ever been setup, frets leveled etc, though it plays well for me. There is some wear on the gold hardware, mainly the bridge. There is a slight dark haze to the satin finished fingerboard between the 1st & 5th frets. I wiped it with naphtha & it seemed to improve some. It could need a proper cleaning? The nut slots are of an acceptable height, the nut is a black plastic.There aren't any noticeable dents or dings etc. Overall it is in clean condition.

    The HB-2 humbuckers are high output & retain that Ric sound, free of hum. The neck profile tapers similar to a Fender bass, unlike that of a 4003, while being a very chunky C shape. The weight of the bass is very nice, I'll guess around 8.5#, but, I need to weigh it. The original case, as well as owners manual & cloth are included.

    ******The truss rods function correctly, however, the closest I could get the neck relief is about .010" on the bass side & .006" on the treble side, approximately. I'm letting the prospective buyer know in the interest of full disclosure. I am not a luthier/tech & cannot guarantee what's going on with the neck. Most would probably never notice, but, I want to make it clear, as all sales are final.It plays well, for me, with the neck straight & the action set @ 5/64" @ the 12th fret. If you dig in a little, you can get that Ric "sizzle" or "clank" or what have you.

    No trades, please. If you have ANY questions need additional photos etc, please ask.

    These instruments are very uncommon & rarely come available for sale.

    Asking $1500 shipped
    20190623_175430.jpg 20190623_175210.jpg 20190623_175339.jpg 20190623_175357.jpg 20190623_175314.jpg 20190623_175733.jpg 20190623_175614.jpg
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    Sold via Reverb, thanks.