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Rickenbacker 4001/3

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Little Wing, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. Little Wing

    Little Wing

    Jan 19, 2002
    Can anyone tell me what kind of price you would expect for a new Rickenbacker 4001/3 bass guitar.
  2. Probably $1000-1200

    Thats the most I would pay... you can get them used for half of that.
  3. $999 including case at musician's friend!
  4. Hi, I live in Vancouver, BC and I saw a 4003 for $1200 CDN, new. I guess that would be about $800 US.
  5. If you want to get a 4001, look for one of the reissues (4001/V63 or 4001/C64). You can string those with roundwounds too, plus I think they made some minor improvements over the 4001. The V63 isn't made anymore so you'll have to find a used one if you decide on that.
  6. rabid_granny, I'm a fellow Vancouverite, and I have been thinking of buying a Rick...

    Where did you see them for $1200 new?!? at Long and McQuade on Granville they're $1750! Are you sure it was new?

    Thanks very much!

  7. Let's see, I was in Long & McQuade (Granville) at about 11:30 AM yesterday (February 2).

    I was punching in prices in my handheld for future reference. There were two Rickenbackers, one was an 8-string but I ignored that. The other was a Rickenbacker and the label said "4003" and $1200.

    I remember the 8-string was red. I think the 4003 was a natural finish.

    I don't know if it was used or not.

    Well, if you run over to check this out, could you please verify the price and post it to this thread? I actually live in Maple Ridge so I'm not going over there for a while.

    PS. What do you think of the customer service at L&M? Is it just me or are they less attentive than the guys at Tom Lee Music?
  8. BillyBishop


    Feb 7, 2001
    They dont have any ric's at the long and mcquade in Ottawa... :(
  9. L&M doesn't stock any new Rick basses - it must be used. Perhaps I'll check it out tomorrow while i'm out and about. I'd love to try the 8 string!

    About customer service... i've heard that Wayne at L&M is the MAN! I've only dealt with him a few times, buying strings and when I was in there fiddling with the used ricks they had a few months ago, and I priced out a new one, at $1750 for a regular ol' jetglo 4003.

    I hate Tom Lee, I find their salespeople quite brash and overly-opinionated (being opinionated is okay, but trying to shove your opinions on other people is not cool).

    Anyway, if I do head down there I'll jot down the price in my not-so-beloved-anymore Palm Vx (which I'm thinking of selling for bass money :)

  10. I justed called Long & McQuade and yes! I am correct. They have a 4003 maple-glo finish Rickenbacker for $1200.00.

    As for customer service, I had to wait 10 minutes for the bass guitar rep...nobody else could take the 1 minute to check the price for me...
  11. Thornton Davis

    Thornton Davis

    Dec 11, 1999
    I was in Long and McQuades Bloor Street store in Toronto last week. They have a new 4003S/5 in Mapleglo in stock available for sale. It was priced in the $1850.00 range.
    If you want a new 4003S/5, this maybe your last chance to pick one up as this model was discontinued at the end of December 2001.
  12. I finally made it to L&M today...

    The mapleglo 4003 is used, and has a fair bit of wear on it, but plays beautifully and sounds INCREDIBLE through the Eden 4x10 rig they have... mommamia!

    Wayne, the main bass guy is THE MAN, he was really cool with me walking around with multi-k-bill Warwicks and stuff, trying all the gear out. He can't help it if he's dealing with a customer and you have to wait to speak to him, the service you'll get once you do speak to him is very good, he's honest and very knowledgable, though I'm not really a fan of the music he plays down there all the time :)

    Ah well.

    The 8 string rick was quite cool, but I'd never buy an 8 string... it was cool for a few rouds of Roundabout but that was about it. A novelty thing for sure, I think. It played really easily though, and the way RIC strings their 8's makes it very easy to pick. Sounded very cool through the Eden 410XLT with the horn driver.

    Tried a few Warwicks and was not impressed, I'm definately not a Warwick kind of guy.

    My love for Rickenbackers has been rekindled though, I absoutely adore the way they play. Extremely even low action, and that 33 1/4" scale really suits me. I love the way a rick feels. I've gotta get a 4003... mapleglo isn't my color (jetglo please!) and that one was too beat up for my taste. Played great though. Should make someone quite happy!

  13. Well, I guess that explains the ultra-low price. I guess for the original poster, ummm, the price of Rickenbackers is about $1800, but $1200 if it's a beater...
  14. If it's still available tomorrow I'm going to try to convince my mom to let me lease that maple-glo rick... its the nicest playing rick i've ever played... hopefully nobody's spoken for it yet!
  15. Wha...? I thought maple-glo wasn't your style?
  16. the best ricks are the old ones. I found my 1980 fire glo 4001 in mint condition in the scummiest fleapit of a shop. It was a 800 GBP. Look on ebay for ricks. They have tons of them on there.
  17. No, I don't like mapleglo... but that was the nicest playing rick i've ever played, and i'm desparate...
  18. Why would you be desperate? If you're not doing a professional gig that required that tone, what's the rush? Lease a good condition Rickenbacker, it'll probably only cost a couple bucks extra per month.
  19. snyderz


    Aug 20, 2000
    AZ mountains
    I scored a 9/10 '76 fretless Ric this week. I mostly play 'modern' basses, but love this old timer. Lots of mojo. Great mwah and a joy to play. Definitely a keeper.

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