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  1. Back to the OP - I have several Ricks ranging from 1974 up to 2010 and there are some differences.

    In the earlier models - the 4001 had a weaker neck and the dreaded/loved capacitor which cut out some of the power of the bridge pick-up.

    The 4003 models have removed the capacitor which makes the bass more powerful sounding, but some pine for the old school vibe of the 4001. Models made since 2006 have a switch so you can go for the old or new sound.

    Neck sizes have changed over time - the 4001 was a bit thinner, then the earlier 4003 models were a bit thicker and in recent years (since 2006 or 2008) the necks have been made a bit thinner, but not like the old ones.

    All 4001 and 4003 models have both mono and stereo output.

    There are some other models like the 4001s and the 4003s which are a bit scaled down from the 4001 and 4003. The bodies don't have binding and there is no stero output. I have found with my 4003s that the neck is much thinner than on the 4003, but I only have my one 4003s as a reference.

    As a general matter, if you've got the money, I'd suggest to go for a new one from Wildwood, Pick of the Ricks or similar discounted provider.
  2. Don't the new ones have Rosewood fretboards? I would avoid them on that alone.
  3. 254 stringer

    254 stringer Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    Waco Texas
    Carribean rosewood but I think it looks better than the old bubinga boards. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1377664703.685981.jpg
  4. I read somewhere that it was African Rosewood.

    Bubinga is part of the Ric vibe, conceptually, aesthetically, and tonally.
  5. PaulBoyer

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    Jan 27, 2012
    For decades, RIC has been using varieties of African rosewood (mostly bubinga) on fingerboards. In the fall of 2011, they switched over to Caribbean rosewood (chechen) which is usually browner and more figured. There should be no change it strength of the neck or in tone.
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