No longer available Rickenbacker 4003s Mapleglo

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  1. armybass

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    Jul 19, 2001
    IMG_8832.JPG IMG_8833.JPG IMG_8832.JPG IMG_8833.JPG IMG_8834.JPG IMG_8835.JPG IMG_8836.JPG IMG_8837.JPG IMG_8838.JPG IMG_8839.JPG IMG_0440.JPG IMG_0441.JPG Minty minty minty. Lovely bass. Plays and sounds great. Comes with ohsc. 1400 shipped East of Mississippi. Lower 48 only.

    Would trade for EBMM Prefer H models in Natural or AVRI Fender P or J.
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  2. 59jazz

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  3. armybass

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    Jul 19, 2001
    I agree and fortunately there seems to be zero interest in her.... I think she will stay. Even if she does not get played often... I love looking at her. :)
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