Rickenbacker Amp on eBay

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  1. This Amp is on ebay, and I noticed it just isn't selling like it should.


    The reason is, in the title of the auction "Rickenbacker" is misspelt so it doesn't show up in searches, also, they don't have it listed in the corrdect category so they're getting almost no traffic! I tried sending them a message but they don't seem to have read it!

    So I figured I would alert the good members of our fine forum and hopefully get these people a fair price!

    I hope this doesn't violate any forum rules, if it does, someone just let me know, or a mod can delete it. Just for the record I am in no way connected to these people or this sale.

    Thaks guys!
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    That, or maybe its reputation preceeds itself.
  3. Maybe it's not amazing, but it's only at $50 right now! Whish I had the money...
  4. I don't think many people know about them..