Rickenbacker neck / bridge pickup difference

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    Mar 27, 2016
    I'm thinking about putting together a weird frankenbass that has Ric pickups. I don't have much interest in putting the giant bridge pickup contraption in this bass, so the question is: would there be any downside to putting a "neck" pickup in the neck position and also a "neck" pickup in the bridge position? Are there any physical/tonal differences between the bridge pickup and the neck pickup that I should be aware of?
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    Feb 20, 2009
    the ric bridge pickup is considerably bigger and more powerful than the neck pickup.

    i suppose you could just use two neck pickups, but you'd have a different overall sound from a real ric and you would want to adjust the actual neck pickup pretty far from the strings to keep it balanced with the bridge pickup.

    could still be cool though. i'm thinking of like hofners and gretsch basses and such.
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    Do it. I think people make too much fuss over neck/bridge distinctions. Just use two necks, and adjust height to taste.
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    Get HB-1 humbuckers, like used in the 4004, and you're golden:

    PICKUP ASSY HB1 650/4004 CHR

    They're also used in the 650 series guitars.
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