Rickenbacker neck stuck?

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  1. First I want say that I have had a Ric for some time and always did my own set ups and adjustments no problem. However my newest Ric has me off my game. The neck is in need of relief so bad that some notes are not even coming out(2nd/3rd frets). I have loosened the rods and little and waited a day. Nothing. Repeated and nothing. No relief. Any ideas? My other Ric has never had this issue.
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    Mar 10, 2007
    I would just raise the bridge a little bit. Then snug up the truss rod nuts.
    If you really really want more relief than that, then get strings with more tension.
    Ric necks are really designed to be flat.
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    That's a myth. There is nothing inherently different about a Ric neck than any other neck that has a truss rod, other than the Ric has 2. Ric's are no more able to defy the laws of physics than any other brand.

    Loosen the strings, then loosen the truss rods completely. Then turn the truss rod nuts until they just barely begin to snug up. Tune the bass and check the relief. If there still is a backbow, there is nothing the truss rod can do to help you. If, on the other hand, you get too much relief go ahead and do the usual procedure to take out some relief.

    If you are in the position of having some backbow with no tension on the rods and the instrument at pitch you will need to look to remedial measures to correct the problem. There are different approaches that can be tried depending on the severity of the problem. For those I would look to employ a qualified tech/luthier.
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  5. Today I loosing both nuts and tightened them back just a bit. Going to let it sit a day I guess. Unfortunately it was no immediate relief when I did. Not sure why still but........ wish me luck.
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    Mar 10, 2007
    The OEM strings are very low tension. The neck is very strong and holding flat. As long as there’s no back bow, you can get it set up pretty well.
    Higher tension strings will definitely help.
    Best of luck with it.
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    Mar 22, 2000
    4001 or 4003?
  8. 4003 2018 NOIR
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    Mar 22, 2000
    that is odd.... I'd double check it isn't your nut causing the issues if it's just the first few frets
  10. I’ve had it for a year and never had this problem. But I’ve never had to add relief . A couple times and tightened them a little and had no issues.
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    Did you buy it new and did you send in the warranty registration card?
  12. Yes and no for whatever dumb reason. I think its still in the case. I purchased it from sweetwater.
  13. I picked it up this morning and it got a little better but not much. Might go ahead and put some hi beams on it. See if that helps.
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    FWIW, I had a similar experience as mine settled into it's place. I gave it as much relief as possible without rattling the truss rods and threw a set of Chromes on it. Over about a week, it began to move and I just kept tweaking the setup a little at a time. It's been about two weeks since I put the Chromes on and it's stabilized.

    This morning, I gave it a full-on setup including filing the nut slots to my liking, bridge alignment and finally intonation. After the way it was delivered to me, I'm surprised how well the instrument plays now. I think what's notable is that yours was "good" for a year. That baffles me. Was there a significant change in climate where it stays? Good luck!
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  15. That is great that changing strings worked for you. Gives me hope. Well in Virginia you can go through a whole year worth of seasons in a week lol. But mostly its been played at inside gigs and studios. In May my band played two festivals in one day. They were both hour and a half sets and several hours apart. I kept it in shade or ac when i could. I put it away and a few weeks later thats where I am at.