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    Jun 27, 2017
    3AA2D34D-1ABB-4A47-B79A-9BAC7183557F.jpeg 82E208C5-05D2-43F4-A497-943093ACD39B.jpeg 2FF15226-BBF1-4EB9-ABE6-E2F7DABFA28E.jpeg 5DD5303C-847D-46E0-B24C-C7BEFEA8C41D.jpeg Does anyone else own either of these Rickenbackers? If yes HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM? Have you had any problems with your neck being kinda twisted? I own one of each of these and my noir had to be repaired right after I purchased it. I don’t see how Rickenbacker could let something like this leaves their establishment without really checking to make sure all the FRETS were leveled because mine were not. FRETS five through 11 on the G string were way off and I had to have a luthier repair it. Sweetwater paid to have it fixed To the tune of over $500. Sweetwater is a great place to buy instruments from because they really stand behind what they sell I would’ve sent it back had I known I could get another one but these are so rare and now mine is absolutely perfect so I’m very happy. My snoglow is amazing And sounds awesome. Even without me having to change the bridge which I did on the Noir To the brass black hipshot. I replace all my Rickenbacker bridges as soon as I buy one. I just bought from Andy at Fab gear the brand new 2019 Rickenbacker flat black and I’ve changed all the hardware to black with black Hipshot tuning pegs, black hipshot bridge and an amazing bad ass handmade custom pick guard that I will post a picture of When it’s done. I am awaiting the Norstrand Norbocker neck pickup Because I heard a lot of great things about Norstrand and I also have several of their pick ups in my fender jazz basses and my fender precision basses. Andy Irvine turned me into Norstrand When I bought the 1970s aria’s pro from him that had the Norstrand power blades in it And if you type in Andy Irvine Arias Pro In YouTube you will see the exact bass that I got from him and you can watch him play it. it’s an amazing lawsuit era precision bass. Don’t get me wrong I love the way a Rickenbacker sounds but I have so many of them that I would like to see what the Norstrand’s pick up will do for my sound. Im a pretty big collector of old Rickenbacker‘s as well as many of the new ones but the 2019 4003 I’m gonna play that bitch like I’ve never played a Rickenbacker before which is why I’m customizing it to my liking. I always keep all the hardware separate in case I want to sell one but I’ve never sold one yet. I now own 8 of them. My oldest is a 63. My father has an EXTREMELY RARE and very valuable 1960 Rickenbacker model 4000. I have never seen another one like it and you would not believe me if I told you what Rickenbacker offered my father for that very bass guitar back in 1979 when he took it to get appraised at Mannys Music on 48th St. in Manhattan. I think it was 48th St. I’m sure it’s worth 10 times what they offered him in 1979. I seen one recently sell for over $35,000 and to be honest with you my fathers blows that one away. I know one day it will be mine and when I die it will go to my son. The only thing different is that I will play it where my father has kept it in the box since the day he got it. It was eight years old when my father got it and the person before Him have never played it. My father bought it in 1968 as a gift for his brother but his brother likes to play fenders and did not like the Rick So my uncle bought a brand new 1966 Fender Jazz bass but when he went to Vietnam the following year in 67 the jungle really messed his mind up so when he came back in 69 after Serving his second tour he never touched it again and I don’t think he could because his hands were really messed up. That bass hangs proudly in my studio on my wall and I play it every week on Sunday. I have not tried any of the new stereo Rickenbackers yet so if anyone has one of those let me know what you think I might pick one up just to see what it’s like. I know they have a flat black one. I think they call it a satin black. The 2019 I bought has the duel plugs for the Ricko sound And the regular Stereo. I am really a Fender Jazz and P-Bass man. I can’t even tell you how many P bases I own but I think I have close to 18 jazz bases Where I think 12 of them are fender. As far as precision basses go I just made my deposit with Moollon For another P base because I heard great things about Moollon. My favorite PBS is my 1967 which matches my 66 because they’re both sunbursts. I just got a package in the mail today from Grossman basses from Transylvania Romania I’ll post a picture of this one after I do this. I am big collector but I play everything I buy and I work very hard for the money used to purchase these items nobody gave me nothing for free. I will share my collection with you very shortly and I hope all of you enjoy it if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    ANYTHING. Nobody gave you ANYTHING for free... Gah.

    Also, that was very long and pretty rambling. Try using paragraphs and ordering your thoughts more concisely.

    Other than that... Nice Rics.
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  3. .......and breathe........
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    How could nobody give him anything? Nobody can't give anyone anything. I think it's much more likely that nobody gave him nothing.
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    everybody gave me everything
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    That's a great story. I can see why you like rics so much. Sounds like some good memories. Nice basses
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