rickenbacker or fender pj bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by kitcar765, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. which one?
    a rickenbacker?
    or a customised usa p bass?
    if you think p bass what bridge pickup should i add? a jazz pickup or a musicman pickup?
  2. I would say that if you get a Fender go with the MM pick up. But I recommend the Ric.
  3. A P-bass with a MM pup would be insane. I'd go with that. I never got to play a nice Ric, the only ones I've played were used and abused at GC.
  4. peterpalmieri

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    Apr 19, 2005
    Babylon, NY
    A P bass deluxe with a humbucker and one with a rear J are two different animals as is the Rick.

    It's like asking a red Prorsche or a Black Ferrari etc....

    You need to play both of them and decide for yourself, if your asking what people think is "cooler" your missing the point.
  5. i can buy a fender usa p bass now and then mod it up, i was thinking about putting a 1960's jazz neck onto it and putting a musicman pickup for a bridge pickup along with hipshot drop d tuner, badass bridge, straplocks, maybe a new paintjob. but each upgrade would have to wait. or alternativly i could save up more cash and buy a rickenbacker, has anyone played a p bass with a musicman bridge pickup?