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Rickenbacker Seymour Duncans

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by jupitersunrise, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. I got some Seymour Duncan's to outfit one of my 90's Ric 4003's and they were very difficult to install! They didn't quite fit and they screws were all the wrong size, relative to the original pickups! Any idea why they're like that? Similar experiences?
    On the flip side, after I fitted them right, I think they sound a bit better than the originals, not just cutting hum, but a bit smoother, yet still crisp. I dig the growl of the OG pickups for a few things, but a little too harsh sometimes.
    I was wondering if anyone knew of other pickups designed for the Ric, and what their take on the Seymour Duncan replacements was.
  2. keb


    Mar 30, 2004
    The way the SD bridge pickup is designed is a little hokey IMO. They say it "improves the appearance of your bass" but I disagree. ;) When I tried it out, I just kept the old stock assembly in there, but I did have to widen the screw holes on the SD baseplate in order for the stock adjusting screws to fit. I thought it sounded pretty good too, sort of the Seymour Duncan take on the Rick sound, with some nice mids in there.

    I've also tried the Bartolini Rickenbacker replacement pickups, and they were also a little problematic to install. The screws supplied with the neck pickup were too long for the neck pickup route (but luckily I had a couple shorter ones on hand, in fact, the screws that came with the SD pickup) and installing the bridge pickup requires you to disassemble the stock pickup from its baseplate, and cutting or desoldering the wires from the coil to the leads wire. Could be kind of harrowing if you're going it alone and don't have a whole lot of experience, unless you happen to have a suitable extra baseplate handy. The Barts also sound nice, again kind of the Bart take on the Rick sound. Great low mids.

    In the end though, I put the stock pickups back in. The stock single coils have this certain growly "juicy" flavor when I dig in that I love. The other pickups didn't quite have that, though they still retained a lot of the Rick flavor.
  3. Bartolini makes a Ric pickup? Are there any others? And does anyone know the difference between the older "toaster" style pickups and the ones that came with my bass with the giant dome pole pieces?