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rickenbacker shielding/pickup hum

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by nil, Nov 19, 2000.

  1. our band had the (un?)fortunate pleasure of rocking out again on TV last Friday night. pity y'all weren't there to see it! :)

    the TV station has some evil badly shielded power cables running under the floor that wreak havoc with anything that isn't "normal" - ie Rickenbacker pickups.

    now, talk about "hum", sounded more like a fuzzbox gently feeding back into a phaser pedal. after fiddling around (wasn't cables, the amp, quad or power converter) i had to concede that my darling 4003 was the cause.

    has anyone else had similar problems? are there shielding tricks to employ here (it's a '98 4003 so methinks it's missing the silly capacitor on the bridge pickup and it *should* be shielded enough), or *gulp* am i looking at the pickups themselves? i do own and have used a noise gate at times, surely this isn't the only option? i mean that'll fix interference at "idle", but with the foot down you can still hear mess in the mix...

    help?! :(
  2. Thornton Davis

    Thornton Davis

    Dec 11, 1999
    Your 4003 (if a four string model) has the third capacitor wired into it, this is the standard wiring configuration for the four string model. The capacitor has no impact on your problem. The noise problem you're experiencing is likely originating from the treble pick-up not being well grounded.
    I've played a Ric 4001 for years and never had this problem. A few months ago I ordered a new 4003/S5. Much to my surprise, it arrived within 6 weeks of ordering it. I've noticed the same noise (grounding) problem with it that you're experiencing. It's far more pronounced when the treble pick-up is on by itself.
    Since my 4003/S5 is new, i'm going to be taking it back to the store shortly and have them resolve the problem.
    I will pass along the fix to the problem as soon it's confirmed.
  3. thanks mr bassman! i don't think it's the treble pickup, though - the hum was still there with only the neck p/u selected, riding the volume on that p/u confirmed it...

    my 4003 is still "new" (a '98 but still new from the store), and i've already had to get the shop to order a new saddle assy. (none of the intonation screws lined up and all were bent) - unfortunately Ric's are a bit of an unknown here in NZ and store support is next to useless.

    methinks i'll pull the puppy to pieces tonight, run a meter through the cabling, remove the capacitor, scratch my head, etc...

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