Rig is complete...

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    Apr 29, 2006
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    Well for now...sort of...

    I was looking for an affordable (currently gainfully unemployed), portable, modular setup so I decided on a power amp and an outboard pre. I already have a Bag End Q10BX-D. So I picked up a used Carvin DCM1500 and an Aguilar DB924 off of eBay - total price $325. I know the DB924 won't properly drive the DCM - no balanced output - but I figure my bass is hot enough and it will get me by until I get something else. Along the way I found an Aguilar DB900 for sale and grabbed that. More than the amp and pre put together, but I had read really good reviews about it and couldn't resist! :rollno:

    Anyway, I will eventually need a smaller cab for rehearsals and lower volume jams - I don't really want to haul that 410 around unless I need to. So I'll probably get a Bag End S-15 of some sort. Also, a rack case, new cables, backup cables, tubes for the DB900, strings, etc...

    Does it ever end?