Rig is complete

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Trevorus, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    Here she is, finally. A truly nice bass rig. What do you think? WOO HOO!!:bassist: :D [​IMG]

    Forget about my fiance in the background. she was just getting up to ask me what I was doing. She is photo-phobic, I think!
  2. Wrong Robot

    Wrong Robot Guest

    Apr 8, 2002
    Looks nice, but how does it sound?
  3. is that a spector case on the ground there :)

    does your fiancee feedback?

  4. Benbass


    Jan 28, 2002

    Don't all women??!?;)

    j/k - No offense to any of the bass babes!!:bassist:
  5. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    no, I have an Anvil case for my spector. Only the best. That is for my fender. Anyways, it sound really really good. That feder 15 is suprisingly good. If I do ever blow the speaker, though, I think I'll get an E.V. 15 to put in there. The 1001 head is really just a tad too much power for the cabs, but I never actually use the upper 20% of the volume. It's really great to have headroom.
  6. Can we quote you on this in six months time?
  7. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    I think this is something I will stick with. Yeah.