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Rig set up for Hard Rock Band

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Lexander, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. Lexander


    Feb 22, 2019
    I am looking to upgrade my rig ready for my bands tour this spring.
    During the writing/rehearsing stages along with playing gigs where they did not require me to bring a cab, I have been using a Trace Elliot ELF. I think this is an outstanding bit of kit that is not only portable but packs a real punch, especially in our band that has two guitars to integrate with.
    I have traditionally been a Trace Elliot man but am torn whether to go for an Ampeg SVT head and cabinet or even stick to a Trace just with a bit more power for bigger venues. Despite hours and hours of research looking at reviews, test run throughs and what professional players are using, I cannot pin-point which head would be best suited. The SVT 7 pro, Gallien Krueger and Mark Bass amps have come up quite a lot in discussion for the head and that would then help decide the cab to match. I may prefer 10" speakers rather than the low rumble of a 15" but wondered if any recommendations from any experienced players out there that will help capture the varied tones for my band - think a blend of Black Stone Cherry, Alterbridge and the Answer. I use fender basses and Rickenbacker to try and drive the tone through and lead a few few verse sections that I want the beefy tone to rung through without becoming muddy and lost.
  2. why would 15s be a low rumble?
  3. Lexander


    Feb 22, 2019
    10" or 12" can cut through for more clarity, not knocking a 15" for its lower, warm tone but can sometimes get lost in the live setting
  4. put simply, no.

    speaker size alone tells you nothing about the tone of the cab. do some research.

    find a cab you like the sound of and don't worry about the size of the speaker.
  5. Ampeg SVT and one or two SVT 810 cabs, you'll never have to worry about buying another amp because you need to, only if you want because you're not going to find much else out that sounds as good as a proper SVT set up.
  6. Lexander


    Feb 22, 2019
    Thanks bobyoung53, the SVT combination is what I have been looking a lot into and maybe misunderstood where i’m coming by bassboysam as I have done a lot of research as well as testing and speaker size does play a part in the sound.
    The SVT 7 pro looks the front runner and for portability looked at the 4x10 cabs so either use one or two depending on the size of the venue

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