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Rig Suggestions(specifically more cab's)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by TMWPB, May 23, 2005.

  1. TMWPB


    Mar 1, 2004
    Portland, Oregon

    Right now I have a QSC RMX 850 and I am using it through a SWR workingmans 2x10. Since the SWR is 8 ohms it means it is 200watts. I am looking into getting another cabinet for this combination.

    I am looking at 15 inch cab's, the main cab I was looking into was a Bag End s15XD(which is also 200 watts at 8 ohms). I would be running my QSC in parallel so that it would have two 200 watt channels, 1 going to SWR and the other to the Bag End.

    Either that or I was thinking about getting a cab that can handle the full 830 watts of the QSC, specifally the Epifani 3x10.

    Is it more important to move air(more speakers) or to have more watts?

    The band that I play in is a bit more on the rock side, but I would like the have versatility. Check my profile for full info on my equipment.

  2. TMWPB


    Mar 1, 2004
    Portland, Oregon
  3. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    What you are planning to do would be fine. Bag ends are some of the best 15s out there, but I would suggest to eventually replace the Workingmans, as from my experience they don't get nearly enough highs. And also just plug into the mono bridge. Having extra watts won't hurt; if the cabs start to distort then just turn down some.
  4. TheChariot


    Jul 6, 2004
    Boston, MA
    Speaker surface and wattage are both somewhat important, but I would think that speaker surface would go a little farther than power. However, many different brands and models of speaker cabs have different efficiencies.

    However, with this situation, I would recommend getting something like a Schroeder 410. Why? Well you mentioned the Epifani 310, which is a great cab, but the Schroeder would give you a more balanced sound that 10's normally dont give you. Another option would be to get a different pair of 8ohm speakers that can handle the 850Watts of the amp put together. Your best bet for something like that would be Avatar.

    Or... for a more popular and portable idea.... run 2 Aguilar 112's mono-bridged. :smug:

    Ya never know with this stuff man... the options are endless unless you really have specific needs and tastes.
  5. TMWPB


    Mar 1, 2004
    Portland, Oregon

    So it looks like there are 3 or 4 options listen
    -Add a Bag End 15, which would total at 400 watts
    -Get a Schroeder which would use all 850 watts
    -Get 2 aguilar 12's which could use all 850 watts
    -Get 2 cheap speaker(avatar) which could use all 850 watts

    I am looking for something portable and the Schroeder 1210 looks good for that. I am a college student so money is tight. I am looking for something that can cut through a mix but still have that bass presence(which I might be able to do with a little EQ'ing on any cab)


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