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Rig suggestions Warwick + avalon U5 = ???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BassJunkie730, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    Hello TB!

    I have a quandry that stems from unnumerable options.

    Right now I have (or at least will soon have) a Warwick Corvette standard from the late 90s. I the growl I could ever want right? ;) I have read that these basses sound especially great with a flat response on the amp side which brings me to the cornerstone of my rig - my Avalon U5. Yes this will be my live rig and many have espoused the benefits of the U5 in a live setting. I'm just wondering what other cabs amps and effects I should consider to fill out the rest of the rig - talk about options!

    So here are some limiting factors

    1. LESS IS MORE - I want to limit myself to a 4 space rack (enough room for the U5 and a massively punchy power amp - used Crest CA4 and CA6 and the Crown Macro techs around 1000 to 1500w top my hunts) Weight is not an option (If I can find a rack tube amp with no less than 200watts in a 2U space I'd totally go for it- but I would think about it in order to keep the flat response)

    2. I want to limit my cab choice to a Schroeder. I'm sold on his designs - small and loud. Currently I'm torn between the 1212 and the 21012 - can the 1212 power with no less 1000watts be enough to liquify bowels?

    3. I would like little to no EQ - i figure if the warwick sounds great with a flat responding rig - and I am UBER plug and play then why eq? however this makes my cab choice pretty critical - I needy punch and low end but portability.

    4. Do I need compression? As a guitar player I tended not to use a copression pedal -I'd always crank my low wattage tube amp :) but as a bass player I hear compression is the way to go to even out dynamic range, make the bass more prominent in the mix - or at least controlled, and to keep from over working your cabinet. I also read that a compresser is designed to increase head room by reducing gain - so why do we refer to heavey compressing as "squashing" the signal (even compression implies decreasing something)
    If a compressor is what I need then since I dig tube warmth should I go for a tube comp? I am digging the EHX Black finger

    5. finally pedal distortion. I have a Bassman 70 amp that has been modded with 6550s - that amp IS bass distortion especially the modded bass channel with a huge mid gain increase. It is all based on power tube distortion so how can I get the punchy power tube grind from a pedal? maybe a comp and pedal combo - what does everyone think about The EHX black finger into a Fulltone Bass drive? I've also been thinking about a keeley modded sparkle drive hmmm. but the fulltone has a boost :)

    so those are my concerns. I know the effect stuff should be in the effect section so moderators please forgive :( So my rig should ideally come down to one bass, one 4 space rack, one cabinet, and no more than two pedals on the ground (actually I would probably like to keep the compressor on the whole time and keep it near the amp.)

    Let me know if I am setting myself up for a purist's dream or a gigging nightmare.

  2. Kael


    Dec 26, 2004
    Oklahoma City
    Me too....

    I've been running my warwick streamer LX-6 through a fishman pro pro EQ, crest vs900, and into a EA CxL-112 for the last couple of shows. I've got all the growl I could want (if I dig in right) without using tubes.

    I am not best pleased with my power amp. Doesn't sound bad or anything, but it is way too heavy and is a three spacer. :scowl: With your U5 as a pre what about a Focus or Focus SA. (I've been considering this route myself recently, I hate heavy ass power amps). That way you wouldn't need a rack at all.

    Since portability seems to be your goal here (well that and tone obviously), and Schroeder's are reputed as loud as heck, I would imagine a 1212 would be plenty. Several people have mentioned that the 1210 seems a little more "flat" than the 1212 though, but even those supposedly have a low mid bump (that's part of the schroeder charm though). If you want flat that might be something to look into.

    As for EQ and compression, the Fishman I've been using has a five band graphic EQ and a compressor. I like having the option of compression even though I don't always use it. Overuse of compression squashes, a light dose is ok IMO. I understand that the U5 have several preset EQs (they looked like two band parametric if I remember right). Bammo, you have the EQ part.

    Not into distorted bass sorry. I will say that tube has always sounded more pleasing to me, but then again I am not a conesieur (and yes I mispelled that and am too lazy to fix it :spit: ).

    Good Luck
  3. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    So not to hijack my own thread but Let me lay out two rigs and may be my fellow forumites could pick the winner.

    1) the forementioned
    Warwick - EHX Black finger Or (what about the White finger???)- into a drive device (Bass Drive or Modded Sparkle drive, etc.) - Avalon U5 - 1000w or 1500w Power amp - Schroeder 1212 or 21012

    2) Fender P-bass - Ashdown ABM 500 RC head - into Schroeder 410

    Hmmmm... The latter is interested but I would have to jetison my U5 to do it - which I don't know if I am prepared for...

    Remeber I am looking for compact plug and play tone that will liquify bowels and maintain clarity with also offering some nice ripping overdrive - mabye even distrotion :bag:

    Hooba Hooba,
  4. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    Eastern North Dakota

    I also us an Avalon U5 as my preamp/DI for my live rig. It works great. I use a QSC PLX 1202 for my power amp. They are light, powerful, small, and would go great with the Avalon in a 4 space rack. I use a Bergantino HT112 cab.

    I don't think you need to worry about additional EQ. Between your bass and the 6 presets on the Avalon (I use #1 mostly), I think you'll be fine.

    I use a PreSonus Blue Max Compressor. I don't know if I really NEED it with the Avalon, but it seems to help a bit. If I didn't use it, I could go with the Avalon/Power amp rack like you are planning. I have never found a pedal compressor Ilike, but I hear good things about the Demeter.

    As far as distortion, I never liked it. I prefer a more "overdriven" sound myself. I use a SansAmp BDDI pedal for that. I also have a Chorus and tuner/mute pedal. That's all the effects I need. I like to be as "plug-n-play" as I can. I also want to keep it small, light and portable.

  5. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    Eastern North Dakota
    Don't get rid of the Avalon. You'll regret it. I am on my 2nd one.
  6. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    Well i beleive I have some sound advice :D on the avalon issue and the rig issue. I'm always going for BIG and POWERFUL bass in fact whenever I play I basically use the volume so the U5 into a poweramp seems to be the way to go. Now if I could only find a nice punchy 1000w power amp new our used for under 400. Hmmmm Suggestions. and I'm also going to consider the demeter compulator - small and to the point - plus I don't trust my stage antice with tubes on the floor :hyper:

    If I don't win the warwick (oh ebay I hate thee) then I'm converting my Dirnt P-bass into a T-Ray. I'll explain later :cool:

  7. I concur about the Avalon U5, I have 3 of them and LOVE them (I just posted 1 for sale if anybody interested) I typically don't use the EQ in the Avalon and prefer to use my onboard pre to EQ. I do use the Avalon EQ on occasion especially in the studio because it eliminates a lot of phase problems that you get with separate EQ!!!

    I also like the Demeter Compulator for compression...it is a VERY good design and is essentially like having an 1176 (Uber high end compressor) in a footswitch to run your bass through...I have one but I have found that I don't really need to use it with the NYC Vintage 4 Sadowsky that I am playing all the time now......I do use it in the studio A LOT and have even used it on other instruments with fabulous results.....

    Peace and Chicken Grease,

  8. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    Theres a Mesa 400 tube poweramp on ebay right now. It says guitar poweramp, but it looks exactly the same as the Bass 400+.. Anyone know if that could be used for bass? (Only problem is the size of it)

    Also, i've heard Mesa Bottle Rockets can sound good with bass for all out distortion, not so great for a light fuzz though. (The Mesa has two tubes in it)

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