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Right hand thumb position

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Fresh Cream, May 11, 2011.

  1. Fresh Cream

    Fresh Cream

    Mar 2, 2011
    Hey guys,

    I have a question. When playing fingerstyle, where do you normally root your right hand thumb? I tend to just hang mine down near the side of the back pickup ( I have a P/J configuration ) and I was wondering if that's considered "good" technique? I know Jaco used to do it but yeah just wondering. :)

  2. I only have one pickup, so I rest my thumb on that. That means I play where the strings are most tense!
  3. Epitaph04

    Epitaph04 Always overcompensating Supporting Member

    Jul 5, 2010
    Should there be worries about messing the pickup up with thumb sweat?
  4. Fresh Cream

    Fresh Cream

    Mar 2, 2011
    Yes I play down there too, it's the best place to play in my opinion :)
    But do you have any idea about whether it's good technique to have your thumb where I have mine, cause I don't want to have dodgy technique!
  5. Eh... do you like the sound? Is it physically taxing? I play from the bridge pup to over the 12th fret. There isn't a right answer here, just majority decisions.
  6. Fresh Cream

    Fresh Cream

    Mar 2, 2011
    I love the sound! And due to the fact that the string is at its tightest (without being totally unplayable), I can pick up and alot of more speed with a large amount of recovery. The sound is alot more clean and IMO neat than when palyed in other positions, you can also get that Jaco Pastorius 'growl' with appropriate EQ.
    As you can see I really do like it :)
  7. well then- you found your answer. you really like it, so thats how you should play. itll obviously sound different at other positions, so stick to your happy place.

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