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Right price for a 1975 jazz bass refinish?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by malabito, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. Hi, I recently posted about doing a trade for a 1978 all original fretless Fender Precision with maple neck. Well this same guy who has the precision is also selling a 1975 jazz bass, the thing is, the bass is suppose to be all original, except for the fact that it was refinish by a professional luthier, and painted with what he called a traslucent green color, it looks really nice at the photo, but havent had the opportunity to see the bass personaly. I know these basses lost value when they are refinish and especially if it wasnt with the same origial color it had. Also the serial number is the following: nÂș 670858, which he says its located at the neckplate, since at that year they were not any serial numbers at the neck, i suppose he means headstock.

    So my questions are: how much a bass in this conditions be worth, and does the serial number corresponds with the year, also the thing about the serial number, is it true? Also which would be much better the precision or the jazz, considering that the precision is all original, but I am more into jazz basses, although the precision also would be nice.

    thanks very much for your help. :)
  2. The serial number matches up with the year, 1975, and it should be located at the neckplate. It sounds like a cool bass, and the refinish just means that you're gonna pay less for it. I'm not sure about the selling price, though.
  3. Hi Treena, thanks for the web pages, from what I look, it seems the bass its a 76 not a 75, as the seller told me. Here is a picture of the jazz and the precision. I will try to get more photos from the seller.

    thanks, :)
  4. malabito, I believe the Jazz bass to be a 75, unless there is a 76 with the serial #. Both basses look nice but the only way to verify the exact year the bass was made is to take the neck off and you will see the date stamped or written (depending on the year) in the heel of the neck, it should look something like this.

    Serial #670858 would make it a 1975 (580000 to 690000 = 1975)

    What I look for when dealing with Fenders from the 1970's is, I make sure the necks are not twisted, Fender is very well know for poor QC in the 70's, a lot of new basses at that time had necks that twisted on them, some say it was due to green wood. Make sure you have both necks checked out, see how much movement is left on the truss rod, get some close ups of the fretboard, if you have any way of playing either bass before you purchase, I suggest doing so, if not, make sure you have a return guarantee set up before you make the purchase.

    Then I would suggest taking either bass to a trusted tech and have it checked out, then buy it, if you like how it feels.

    Keep me posted, I will be happy to share any info I can with you about Fender P or Jazz basses, I am a Fender freak.

  5. Hi Treena, I am going to try the bass before buying, but I wont have the opportunity of taking the bass to a luthier before, so all the responsability of checking the bass would be in my hands. What do you mean by poor QC? Also how can I verify how much movement is left in the truss rod, without messing up the bass. Besides the usual of checking out the fretboard and neck any other suggestions, also how can I verify the body of the bass is original since its been refinished. One more last thing, which would you prefer the jazz or the all original fretless precision.

    thanks for your time and advice, :)
  6. Hi, Smash, can you really get a nice mwahh from it?, considerning its a precision, since I have heard so many times that jazzes are much better for fretless, although I believe it depends more on the technique.

    thanks, :)
  7. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    The term "QC" Treena refers to is in relation to 70's Fenders means: "Quality Control".
  8. malabito, Fender has a support site called
    www.mrgearhead.com that has complete parts listings of Fender
    Basses. I would check the parts with their list to make sure of the identity, even with a refine, the neck joint should have the numbers stamped in the neck pocket.

    There really are no guidelines for purchasing older Fender basses, (experience has been my best friend when dealing vintage), just be careful and make sure you know who you are dealing with, check their reputaion if possible. I would still suggest taking the bass(s) to a tech you trust and have them help you.

    I would prefer the Jazz bass myself but, it really depends on what you desire for your playing style.

    Sorry for the late reply, some nights are very busy lately!


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