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Rio Muy Grande and Aggie Pre for a Warwick Thumb N/T

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by chris818, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade the stock MEC pups and pre in my Thumb 4 string. I'm interested in finding a pup/pre combo that will improve upon the acoustic properties of the bass. I seek to retain the signature Thumb Bass growl but in the process make it better overall. I want chords to be clear as a bell and well defined, individual notes to be punchy and to cut through the mix of guitars, organ, drums and vox when needed all with the ability to be able to back off and play a delicate ballad without having a terrible biting (hot pickup) tone. If it helps you help me, I'm primarily an aggressive fingerstyle player sort of like Chris Wolstenholm of MUSE but often, I need to switch gears to accomodate a softer song. I basically need a flexible pup/pre combo.

    I've been cooresponding with Chance Walte from fearlessguitars.com and he suggests the Rio Muy Grande with a 3 band Aguilar pre. What do you guys think about that combo? I've already searched here...and not too many of you guys have experience with the Rio Grande pups...especially in a Warwick.
    I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger on a brand that I haven't heard much about. I trust Chance based soley on his good reputation, but I'd appreciate some personal experience from you guys with this (or any other Warwick) set up before I give him the green light to hook me up. Can you guys throw out some suggestions...anything? Thanks alot!
  2. Pickebass

    Pickebass Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2004
    San Antonio, TX
    You won't be sorry. I have a jazz bass that I have the ,uy grande and I ended up going with a j-retro instead of the obp-3. The only reason was I didn't have one at the time. However, I have another jazz style bass with the obp-3 and basslines. I have tried the different combinations and it's pleasantly surprising.

    The muy grande pickups give you a vintage style sound because of the alnico pickups. Very old school but somewhat hi fi if that makes any sense.
    The OBP-3 is one of the best 3 band eqs out there. It adds big bottom, clear highs and the mids are not extreme. Very musical overall. I don't have a warwick, but I have used the combo and used each piece separately.

    Sonically, the muy grande's are probably close to a musicman 5 pickup...Nice thick and beefy. I think you will be happy
  3. Thanks for your reply Pickebass. Anybody else?