RIP Dave Brubeck 1930 - 2012

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by rfslick, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. rfslick


    Dec 31, 2008
    Benicia, CA. USA
    Dave Brubeck passed today. Dave was a native of Concord, California, was one of the initiators of the Concord Jazz Festival, and a prominent jazz musician in American history.
  2. Ewo

    Ewo a/k/a Steve Cooper Supporting Member

    Apr 2, 2008
    Huntington WV

    When I was a kid, I listened to his records. I caught on, one day, that they were improvising all that great music between the head and the recap.

    Man, I had to learn how to do that...
  3. bassinplace


    Dec 1, 2008
    First jazz album I ever purchased was Time Out. I loved it at first listen and it's still one of my favorites. RIP, Mr. Brubeck. And Thank You.
  4. ric4682

    ric4682 Supporting Member

    Jul 2, 2008
    He was a jazz giant. He really brought odd time signatures to light for a lot of people.
  5. Pacman

    Pacman Layin' Down Time Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 1, 2000
    Omaha, Nebraska
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    Please use the thread in OT.

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