Ripped Off By Sprint?

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  1. I bought a slightly used Galaxy tablet from my work recently at a nice employee discount and then went to the Sprint store to set it up with 3G data (the tablet was locked to them). The tablet is nice and fast but the data plan is anything but. Things like Google searches and refreshing the weather app take awhile. There's no point in even bothering with youtube.

    Really disappointed with the service and I'm worried that I'm basically locked into a hefty monthly premium for a worthless data plan.
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    3g IS slow. Its probably not the service. Its the technology.
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    +1 you need a wireless router and broadband internet to get download speeds fast enough for Youtube videos.
  4. Well, I've had 3g before. My AT&T dumbphone has unlimited 3g data and it's a lot faster than this. Before it was stolen I had an iPhone 4s with AT&T and it was pretty awesome even though it was just 3g.

    So I do think it's the service.
  5. I have no problem watching YouTube on 3G.

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    3G should be adequate for routine stuff. How many bars are you getting? (Or however the Galaxy displays 3G signal strength)
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    Some Android devices have problems with slowing down over time with the rough equivalent of a SSD running without trim forever. The easiest fix is to do a complete reinstall of the OS from scratch (I think, there are also cleaner programs but of course they require root). Since yours is used that's probably a good idea.

    Otherwise we (and sprint) would have to know signal strength and which G the device thinks it has in such a moment.
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    I have Sprint in the 4th largest metropolitan area in the US, and coverage is spotty. Even when I have what looks like a good signal, sometimes everything grinds nearly to a halt. That's two separate issues to me. I suspect that the latter issue is caused by Sprint upgrading their system on the fly and sacrificing their current customers in favor of future ones.
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    Sprint service is terrible. So bad that when I left due to it, they knew it was bad and didn't charge me the cancellation fee.