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Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Microbass, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. Hey all.. I'm wondering if you guys know of bassists who used the Gibson Ripper? I'm wanting to get a general sound of it..

    Feedback welcomed! :D
  2. dls59

    dls59 Supporting Member

    Gene Simmons and Peter Cetera.

    I think.
  3. One of Faith No More's Bassist played a Ripper, forget which though

    I never got to try a Ripper, but I tried its cousin the Grabber. It wasn't the prettiest bass ever, but it had this really smooth, creamy tone to it. I thought it sounded great.
  4. I know of several players that used them but cannot say for sure on what recordings. Rick Danko used a fretless on Last Waltz. T-Bone Wolk uses one regularly. Ralphe Armstrong used a fretted and fretless one with JLP. Greg Lake, Carol Kaye and Anthony Jackson also come to mind.
  5. Gene Simmons used one for maybe a week.

    He used the Grabber far more extensively, so listening to anything by him most likely would NOT be a Ripper.

    T-Bone Wolk (Hall and Oates) is your best bet - he has used Rippers quite extensively.
  6. sws bassist

    sws bassist

    Oct 22, 2002
    krist Noveselic used on the Nevermind tour and a little after
  7. masaru


    Aug 8, 2001
    Okinawa, Japan
    Mike Dirnt of Green Day used one on the "Dookie" cd
  8. That was a Grabber

    (least I'm 98% sure it was)....
  9. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    Well im sorry, but Im here to show you that your 2% doubt was not in vain.

    He played a G-3.

    Krist Novoselic played almost exclusively Rippers on the recordings and played them extensively on the road.

    Gene Simmons played a Grabber.

    Here is a quick sumarry of the Gibson Ripper family.

    G-3: 3 single coil pickups placed near the bridge. 1 volume, 1 tone control, and a 3 way switch. At any single moment at least 2 pickups were on to avoid any hum issues. Ive seen this bass in Natrual Maple finish.

    Grabber: 1 humbucker placed in a middle position, but it can move toward and away from the bridge to obtain a wide variety of tones. 1 volume, 1 tone control. Moving the pickup did ALOT to change the tone despite the small distance it travelled. Ive seen this bass in Black and Natrual Maple finish.

    Ripper: 2 Humbuckers placed near the bridge and near the neck. 1 volume, 2 tone knobs, and a 5 way varitone circuit which would chose between various coil configurations and capacitors run in series with the signal. 1 tone knob was a traditional passive high frequency cut knob while the other was a passivle middle frequency cut knob. IMO the best of the series. Ive seen this one in stock Black, Sunburst, and natrual Maple finish.

    The fact that these were all maple basses with huge bodies meant they weighed alot, but the tone was worth it.

    I have played 2 Grabbers, 2 fretted Rippers, and 1 fretless Ripper. The local small used and vintage guitar shop had them, and the Rippers were my favorite basses to play. Id often walk from school to this place (a couple miles) with little else to do but play these basses.

    Ill try to find some good comparison pics to show you which is which.

  10. That's OK Nick, but I already know the differences ;) thanks though!

    As some of you know, I'm looking for a G-3, but I quite like the thought of the varitone that the Ripper has, so I wanted to get an idea of it's sound.

    Thanks all!
  11. The Ripper has a 4 way switch, not a 5.
  12. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    Oops....My bad.

    That shop I used to go to to play them moved out to California over the summer so Its been a while sice ive had my hands on one.

    Ripper withdrawl....

  13. No problem. :p
  14. any pics ladies and gents?
  15. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
  16. dls59

    dls59 Supporting Member

    Man, those photos make me wish I still had my blond G-3. I practically GAVE it away about twenty years ago.
  17. That's why I am keeping my old Black G-3. I had a sunburst Aria Pro II copy of the Ripper that I traded az long time ago and I keep wishing to get one back, although I can get all the Ripper tones out of my old Carvins. Sure I own better basses but those basses have a character that other basses lack.

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