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Ritter 2 bass case reviewed

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Eilif, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Eilif

    Eilif Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2001
    I just got an new 2 bass case. I have primarily moved from hardcases to soft cases, and I aways take two basses to every gig. With incase dubcases being no longer produced, and too expensive for me anyway, I had to find some other option. I heard about gator bags, but they seemed not very featured, and I couldn't find a picture of one. I was not at all interested in the fender bags, as I have never been impressed with their gig bags, and warwick was out, because I have one and it is affordable, works well, and is structurally sound, but the outside cosmetic layer of the straps and handles is pretty flimsy and started wearing off after less than a year.

    So I came across ritter bags. I had to order it as a special order through guitar center, but it came in a couple weeks.

    Here's a review with comparisons to a standard warwick rockbag.

    RITTER Chromo-pak, rg9000 series 2 bass bag

    Cost: list 169-189 (depending on color), street is less.
    Features as listed by manufacturer and website


    - 40mm (!) padding
    - Made from quality water repellent polyester
    - Antiwear base protector
    - Padded back-pack system
    - Reflective saftey strips
    - Removable phone pocket
    - Removable MP3 player pocket with headphone access
    - Neck positioned pedal pouch
    - Large A4 music pouch
    - Additional front accessory pocket with outer netting
    - Internal organiser pouches
    - Additional end pin protection
    - Bridge and headstock protectors

    Exterior construction: very tough cordura style materiel not the smooth nylon like a rockbag, rather the heavy duty, slightly coarse, woven materiel.

    All seams seem well attended to. the handles and shoulder straps have gel-like cushioning that is quite comfortable. No where is there any of the faux leather covering that wore off so quickly on the rockbag. There are a multutude of pockets, large enough for all straps, cables, tuners and even a couple of pedals. the clip/button cell holder and pocket for cd/mp3 player are nice touches

    As a complaint, the webbing used in the hip belt seems less substantial than it should. Also, the shoulder straps should be mounted further toward the neck. With the straps properly tightened down, I had to duck when walking through doorways, as would anyone 6 foot or over.

    Padding: the padding is thick 40mm, but is also very soft. I would have preferred a more dense padding ,but the the 40mm of soft foam should provide more than enough bump protection.

    Interior: slick nylon makes up the interior of the case. I am sure that it will not damage any instruments, but I would have prefered something soft and more substantial. the headstock and bridge areas have patches of tougher materiel to protect against snags from strings etc. The interior is quite spacious, perhaps more than it needs to be, and would probably fit almost any bass, excepting perhaps thunderbird, bc rich and casaday types. My viola bass with scroll neck fits just fine.

    Overall impresions:

    This seems to be a well constructed high quality bage. In the end my only major gripe would be for a more substatial inner materiel, but it probably won't be an issue. Also note that this case is HUGE. Very large, though with two basses, it didn't feel nearly as heavy as I thought it would. Very comfortable to carry by handle, or as a backpack. Did I mention it looks very sharp (I got the grey and black model).
    I am quite pleased.
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