Ritter Classic 5 Graphite - trade for something plainer

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  1. Okay, all of my basses are either "flame" something, "quilt" something, or "burl" something. Which is all well and good, but I need a bass that's just plain. Like black or blue or green, with nothing transparent or flashy, just plain. I have a Ritter Classic five in quilt mahogany that's on eBay but I doubt it'll sell, so I'm willing to trade it for your plainer bass and some cash.
    Here's the auction listing:
    I'm looking for something high quality, so no Ibanez GSRs or whatever--I normally play a Fodera, Sadowsky, or a Lull so the bar is set fairly high. I like USA Fenders, Skylines, etc. Gimme a shot!
  2. Intrepid


    Oct 15, 2001
    Ha thats your bass Funky, I was just looking at that on Ebay and wishing I had $1600. Still trying to figure how I found that after typing Fodera.

    Edit: Wait, would you trade a Rick...I'm not sure if I would trade, but I'm just curious. Would definitely be a deal for me, and you'll get a plainer bass.
  3. Fodera, huh? Oh--I think I mentioned in my auction text that I have a Fodera, so I don't really need this Ritter. What colour is your Ric? 4003 or 4001?
  4. Intrepid


    Oct 15, 2001
    Jetglo 4003, Made in 97