rllefebv w/ The Bartolotti Brothers - 6/7 - 6/8... super light on pics

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  1. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    First things first... I'm lame at gig reports and never think to take photos! That being said, two dates and two different rig pics...

    I've been playing with the Bartolotti's in one form or another for over 20 years... we currently have two groups running, and "The Brothers" is mostly rockin' blues to satisfy the "loud" itch for the leader...

    Friday was the first night of outdoor concerts in the park in Dayton Oregon... We'd played there in late August last year and were asked back to start the series this year. Early June is always a crapshoot for outdoor gigs in Oregon, and after two weeks of lovely weather, of course Friday would be 60 degrees and Thunderstorms!! Storms cleared off before showtime, but it was chilly, with the resultant turnout a bit low...

    The band provides the PA, and since we have a smallish system, no bass in the PA... Ever since I actively cut back my live playing a few years ago, I only get to break out my "big" amp for an outdoor show once or twice a year rather than all summer long, so it was nice to cart it all out. Ampeg PF-50T into Crown power amp, running 2 PF115-HE's... Just phenomenal sounding!

    Played my 32" P for the first half, and definitely should have stayed with it... it is light, comfortable, and sounds good. Stupidly, I switched to my Jazz bass halfway through, and that's where the trouble started. While it sounded fantastic, the folly of switching to a heavy, full scale bass brought all of my shoulder issues raging right back. By the end of the night, my back and shoulder were reminding me why I cut back on my playing :D


    Had a pretty huge back spasm during the night and spent much of Saturday recuperating for that nights show...

    Same band at our usual spot in Carlton Oregon... by far, my favorite place to play!! Went with the way lighter Fender Rumble into 2 home brew 1X12 cabs. Featherweight rig that punches above its weight! Wisely paired it with my '78 Musicmaster... Even though the bass is by no means light, it is far more comfortable for my left shoulder reach. The Sentell pickup sounds huge and it's just a great bass!


    At this venue, I don't feel too bad about using a stool a little later in the evening, so I was comfortable throughout... only issue is that we may be a tad loud for the room. The drummer asked me to turn up a few times, and even though no one complained, it was louder than I am comfortable with... Still, everyone had fun, so no harm, no foul!!

    Have a few more dates coming up this week with the retirement home band, and will make an attempt at better pix... Thanks for reading!

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    Nov 10, 2012
    Sorry to hear about the back spasms. Looks like it was a fun gig, though. I'd try to look into some sort of back brace, although with the summer heat, you may not be able to use it. It does help me, even just playing at home. (Hey, I just turned 71, and feel every bit of it!!)
  3. Hi,

    Yee-ouch! It's tough to play hurt. You take'er easy there, buddy. You've got a couple of nice rigs. Good stuff. Did you build the 112 cabs? Please elaborate.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  4. Ouch. Back spasms are no fun at all. Beautiful rigs. I've found that the more gig reports you do the better you get at remembering to take photos and what not. Thanks for sharing.