RMC piezo on ABM individual bridge

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  1. So RMC returned my email along with a few pictures of their pickups. I originally was going to go for the Wilkinson piezo saddles, but then I saw these too and now I'm thinking of going with them instead.


    They also send me a price list and it'll at least be +$300US to get a set along with an active buffer/blender/feedback elimination preamp board. So I'm still thinking about it on that one.

    Someone also made a comment about the quality of RMC piezo pickups on his Brian Moore bass and he said that they're so good, one can just use piezo only (along with their special 3 band preamp) and be totally happy with the tonal availability. Now the though of that is alwasy creeping in my mind. Although I knew I shouldn't because I never have first hand experience to validate that comment, and I already told Allparts to order me these Bart X4 narrow soapbars. But on the other hand, the bass will look so badass with only these piezo bridge with no pickups. :D
  2. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

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    hey tommy, wazzup?

    thanks for sharing that info about the abm/rmc connection. that's cool.

    i have rmc piezos in the 8 strings that i brought up to the big TO last year that you played on. i don't know if you remember how they sounded, but they do sound really good just by themselves.
  3. Hey John, thanks for reminding me about your bass, I completely forgot that yours has the RMC piezo too!! When I was playing your bass in that store, I was too busy trying to concentrate on fretting and plucking the same string while playing!! :D