SOLD RMI JayBee 2015

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  1. Price:
    Sale RMI JayBee Bass 2015,
    Delano MC 4 AL, Delano JC4 AL, Active Delano Sonar Xpure, ETS Bridge Germany, 34", Push Pull Knobs, Olympic White, Pearloid Block Inlays.
    Located in Kiev, Ukraine.
    Ships to Worldwide - United States
    21175519_1431537773566237_1736834851_n.jpg 21175703_1431537733566241_1019878339_n.jpg 21208375_1431537760232905_70765729_n.jpg 21208560_1431537790232902_1071627353_n.jpg 21150966_1431537770232904_1079477947_n.jpg
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  2. Price drop! 600USD
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