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RNC compression?

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by MrBungle3, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. MrBungle3


    May 16, 2002
    I am looking into buying a compression unit for under $300, so far the RNC seems to be the peoples favorite, but I do hear some negative feed back from some bass players, I wanted to know how useful is this in recording--and for use in my rack live. thanks
  2. ahpook


    Jul 13, 2001
    i tend to use mine in my recording setup that live, but it sounds very nice :)

    i've tried it a few times in the fx loop of mt trace head and it sounds great - a little experimentation goes a long way. the 'really nice' setting is superb.

    for recording it's fantastic - it excels at mixes IMHO - you can pile on the compression (to insame levels if you wish) with minimal 'artifacts'...

    try some searches here

    i'd get one if you can afford it.
  3. int


    Jan 21, 2002
    Phoenix, AZ
    I have one and love it. But I don't like it on bass, or bass drum. It's great for everything else though. Try it out though and decide for yourself...ymmv.
  4. Saint


    Mar 2, 2000
    DC - USA
    I have one and it's terrific for recording anything (that includes bass). I'm not sure, however, about its use as a live performance effect. I've never used it that way, nor do I know of anyone who has.
  5. For real world Live Stage use I had good luck with the Behringer MDX 2200. In the Studio - RNC.

    I need a expander/gate to help lower the noise floor which becomes more apparent when using a compressor and lot's o' watts. A peak limiter to allow for maxium volume and a bit more headroom.
    Add together the price of an expander (another $100?) , side chain filter (another $100?) , peak limiter (another $100?) and RNC rack mount ($) and you've got a bunch of clutter with way to many patch cords (they cost money too..)

    It's also nice to have 2 independent compressor's.
    One set at instrument level going to the preamp.
    Really hits the preamp tube.
    Second one at line level in the effects loop.

    Or one compressor channel in the effects loop and another to
    take my tube direct DI out.... with independent controls.

    Use one channel for bass and share the other with a friend (i.e., vocal, kick drum, gui*ar, etc....

    1/4 balanced and unbalanced with XLR I/O's are nice to have.

    And there are a few tricks using Link Mode that come in handy.

    I was running an RNC, and it was ok, but compression raised the
    noise floor (always does).

    Then I picked up a Boss NS-2 for a instrument level and effect loop line level expander/noise gate.

    That killed the noise!

    Then I wanted to squeeze max. volume out of my amp and discovered that peak limiters can almost double the perceived volume.

    Got an Alesis Limiter, and got more volume without distortion or power amp clipping... dramatically helped the headroom.

    Then I sold all the stuff (kept the RNC for now) and got a MDX 2200 that does all that stuff.

    Hell, for $99 it cost less then my last Boss pedal.

    RNC Concerns and Objections

    I've also noticed also that the my RNC does not always make the best compressor for bass guitar...I thought it was just me tweaking the knobs wrong, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. But for everything else other then bass guitar I absolutely adore my RNC!!!! Especially on drums and vocals, it absolutely rocks!
    The RNC is one of those "there is no reason for not owning one" boxes, but not so much for bass. It's a very clean and transparent compressor, unbelievably so for the money, and great for tracking vocals and many instruments. It just isn't the kind of compressor that adds ooomph or color to bass, so some feel it's a little thin, but it's just not adding warmth. On the one bass gig I brought mine on it just didn't have the response characteristics i was used to, a MDX 2200, so I went back to taking that.
    RNC: Snapping artifact especially when used with bass guitar or any other transient program matereal made more obvious at high compression settings. Un-natural release charicteristics. You can hear this thing even at the most mild settings.
    I agree, last week I had a band come into my studio with a few of these RNC's. I had not gotten around to hearing this compressor
    before this. I heard the same things as lxh2 describes when we tried them on just about everything. The band's singer owned these rnc's and said he uses them with his 4 track and loves them. Well, they did not exactly blow me away.
    The RNC's curve is well suited for vocals as that's what people seem to oooh and aaaah most about.
    Change that and it might work better on some style of bass playing, or maybe on drum overheads. This is a decision that the designer makes and he hopes he's made a choice that appeals to enough potential users so that he can pay off his boat. Mark should be able to do that after just about 2,000 RNC sales.
    Lets not expect too much from this much overhyped RMC compressor. This overhyping is not mark's fault either. It is just the readers of this newsgroup who discovered a really nice value and wanted to spread the word. I suggest you all buy the RMC and be happy with it. I, on the other hand have been very happy with my MDX 2200.
    I finally was able to listen to the RNC. I know I am going to get a barrage of comments, but this compressor is really not very good. We also found the RNC to have a strange release time constant that made it audible no matter how it was used. To sum it up, we spent 4 hours in the studio with this thing, and tried all types of music, in many applications.
    o me that a 'hold' or 'sustain' function would be helpful here - any
    time there's a signal greater than the currently detected level, the
    compressor goes to it (at the rate set by the attack) and then stays there for the 'sustain' time (20 to 50 mS might be a good setting for bass), THEN the release function comes into play. This would allow shorter attack and release times without distorting low-frequency signals (except for the turn-on transient, which the attack's gonna mess with anyway).
    On the other hand, this would be yet another control for someone to learn, when not everyone knows how to set a standard compressor to not distort with bass. Perhaps a constant 50-mS hold could be added by a push-button labeled 'nice bass compression'. :)
    Perhaps I should apply for a patent for this. It's solely my idea
    and AFAIK no one else has thought of it.
  6. oddentity

    oddentity Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2000
    I have used my RNC almost exclusively for bass -- I think it sounds great, but I use as little compression as possible.

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