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  1. mgalat


    Dec 5, 2011
    Not sure where to put this thread, so if it needs moved please feel free...

    Looking to build a road case for my pedal board and wondered if people had recommendations for the best place to buy material (corners, latches, extrusions, etc.).

    I'm State-side, so buying stuff overseas is not really up my alley. I've done some google searching and found "diy road cases" and "Parts Express" (which is a Penn-Elcom distributor....that doesn't stock extrusions :scowl:).

    If you have any personal experience or had a friend of a friend etc. please let me know!
  2. Hi.

    I'm on the other sde of the pond, so I can't giv You any places to buy from.


    Google Adam Hall.

    They probably have a distributor in US.

    There are cheaper manufacturers out there I'm sure, but I haven't found the eqvivalent of their casemaker and lidmaker extrusions anywhere. Those two items save a ton of work and therefore a ton of money as well.

  3. Bruce Johnson

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    Feb 4, 2011
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    Reliable Hardware in North Hollywood, CA is the best place I know of for case hardware.

    Reliable Hardware Company - Home

    Building your own custom road case isn't particularly hard, but be aware that the cost of the materials and hardware will add up quickly. You're not likely to save much money by building it yourself, as compared to buying a standard case from a case company.
  4. mgalat


    Dec 5, 2011
    thanks for the heads up Bruce,

    I'm doing the build partly because I want a very particular set up (that would cost a lot to have built by somebody else) and because it's a hands-on project that's actually fun. It's my reward to myself for finishing this semester in school.

    I'll check out the sites posted by people (again thank you for your suggestions!)
  5. tdvt


    Oct 13, 2008
    Years back I bought alot of stuff from TCH