Road Worn vs Fender Original Jazz Pickups

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  1. Hi folks. Quick question for everyone. I recently bought my first Jazz bass...a Mexi Jazz of unexplored manufacturing date. A great deal and an impulse buy...but I've never had a Jazz so now my P basses aren't as lonely. The neck pickup had been replace with something with raised pole pieces which doesn't appreciate slapping. I'm looking to replace the pickups and would like to see what opinions are out there about a pair of Road Worn pickups vs some Fender Original Jazz Pickups. I see both for sale at great prices. Are the RW pickups pretty much the same as the Originals but with beat up covers or might there be a significant tone difference? Any help greatly appreciated.
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    I have no experience with the RW Pickups but I can tell you the Fender original pickup set is awesome. The pole pieces are raised and beveled, but they're awesome pickups and I've never had any trouble slapping with them. They're very well balanced sounding and they're vintage true single coils. I love them. Lots of people will say the same and lots of people will also say they're weak and a waste. Ymmv, try them both since they can be had for cheap and sell the ones you don't like. The RW Poles are flat with the covers FYI.
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