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  1. Has anyone else tried the Ibanez Roadgear RD900FM? I tried it today and was really surprised by it. It felt nice, sounded alright, and looked great. I must admit that I am willing to consider that the ampeg I was playing through had more to do with the good tone than the bass as I had no idea what the controls did. But the binding, the fret size and shape, the actual flame maple top (as opposed to veneer). For the price I was extremely impressed with this bass. The J/MM config was really cool but I wasn't able to get much variety, again most likely due to my ineptitude with the controls. I must say that I'd recommend this bass to anyone willing to shell out $900CAN for a 4 banger. (Taxes included)
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    May 27, 2005
    I played one the other day through a crate and it still sounded pretty damn good. I was impressed also because it was so cheap. Maybe you should play with it a little more because I was able to get about a couple really good sounds out of it. The only thing that held me back from getting it was that I am in the market for a 5 string and also that I'm a little stand offish when it comes to Ibanez. They haven't been the most consistant craftmen.

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