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Rob Allen Fretted with magnetic pups experience?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Yggdrasil, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Yggdrasil


    Aug 16, 2001
    I have a RA with piezo fretless and love the tone.

    Anyone have any experience comparing that classic RA configuration with the less common fretted/dual mag pickup version he offers?

    In the Bunnybass interview, when describing elements of the sound of his bass he says the following about pickup impact - this would seem to be an argument against the dual mag pup/fretted version he subsequently offered (at the time of the interview he hadn't offered the mag):

    Rob Allen: "well, i want to talk about a couple of things first. these basses definitely sound different from most other basses, but it's not just because it uses a different type of pickup. for one thing, when you set up a magnetic field and you have a string vibrating within it, the magnetic field itself hampers what the string can do. it's stuck in the magnetic field. so the first thing in the equation is you remove the magnetic pull from the strings and they begin to vibrate more freely. this seems to create other overtones and stuff. so right out of the gate that's one of the reasons this makes more of an acoustic sound because you don't have this pickup in there, or worse yet TWO pickups, pulling on the strings hampering the tonality."

    He goes on to say:

    "i'm also going to make a bass for the fretted electric market which is going to incorporate a lot of my ideas. it'll have completely all original parts on it. it'll be something that someone might look at if they're in the market to buy a Lakland or MusicMan or something like that."

    This is all prior to producing an actual fretted bass - so - anyone have any real world experience?


  2. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    As far as I know, those basses were never introduced (I could be wrong though... but never saw anything about them on his site).

    Quite frankly, the Rob Allens are really a unique sort of bass, made and voiced to emulate an upright bass (or at least a very, very organic sound). I would think if you wanted a more traditional magnetic pickup sound, there would be about a zillion options already out there.
  3. Yggdrasil


    Aug 16, 2001

    They were introduced and sold.

    I have a zillion other options already; I'm interested in knowing more about the the RA version.
  4. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    Interesting... nothing on the Rob Allen site that I could find.... when were these introduced... were they discontinued?
  5. beadgc


    Oct 10, 2003
    Brooklyn, NY
    I've got a regular piezo-only MB-2 (which I love), and have never played one with a magnetic pickup, but he definitely has done them as customs.
    here's a photo from his site:

    Me likey!

    That and a few others are on his "Custom" page:
  6. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    Very cool!
  7. mikezimmerman

    mikezimmerman Supporting Member

    Apr 29, 2001
    Omaha, Nebraska
    A friend of mine owns this one, and I've played it a few times:


    He's owned a regular piezo-only RA before custom ordering this one, and since it's now his main bass, I presume he doesn't find it lacking in any way. Rob is doing basses with magnetic pickups with some frequency (got another friend with one on order), so I don't know what his current feelings are about them being "less acoustic", but I didn't notice that in the brief opportunity I had to play the one above...

  8. ArwinH

    ArwinH run rabbit run

    Dec 1, 2005
    Southern California
    I love rob's work, he's definitely a favorite builde rof mine, and a very ncie guy. I can definitely see another rob allen in my future.