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Rob Allen Mouse 30 Review

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FlawLaw, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. The specs of mine are standard: 30" scale (the size of a Telecaster), line fretless with 18 positions, birdseye maple neck in satin lacquer, goncalo alves fingure baord and bridge, slightly figured walnut top, alder semi-hollowed body, Fishman Matrix piezo pickups, one knob to control volume, hipshot ultralight tuners.

    This bass is wonderful. It is, of course, a beautiful instrument. I like the satin finish. I have never been a particular fan of glossy, glassy finishes on my instruments because ultimately in time they are hard to maintain and get tiny scratches on them. Therefore, I was pleased to see that the finish high-lights the natural wood without being synthetic looking. The birdseye maple is incredible and the finger board is so very nice. In any case, the looks are great, but a terrible sounding bass can still look good, what matters to me is playability and sound. The Mouse excells in both areas.

    The bass is the most playable bass I have ever laid my hands on. It is so light!!! Only about five pounds. I can play it for hours and not grow tired. I now understand why so many great bassists play or have played a short scale bass. It just is easier to play and this one for sure doesn't compromise tone. Further it just feels wonderful in the hands, and I have been able to do things with it that I can't do on my other basses. I can play faster and smoother. I was very surprised that I also love the line markers on it. They are really helpful for intonation. This comes from a person who plays mostly upright and only other fretless has no lines.

    The tone is incredible. I played a bass solo from the song "Summertime" that my band does. (For a bluegrass band we like to play a lot of jazz tunes and they "even" let me solo.) I played the song and compared the sound with my carved upright, my Zon Sonus 5/1 fretless, and my G&L ASAT semi-hollow with TI Jazz flatwounds. I recorded it using a simple condensor mic and directly into a Sony Hi-MD. This bass is awesome compared to my other basses. I think that it sounds better to my hears than the Zon and ASAT (and both of these basses sound incredible and are in category of untouchables for sale or exchange purposes) and is very close to the sound of the upright. It has the warmth of the upright and the woody tone. The upright has an intangible element that nothing can beat, but the Mouse can be thumpy and has a wonderful mwah that surprised me.

    I personally like the way these basses look over the MB-2 basses, but I also have an ASAT, so I guess I like those Telecaster type body shapes. They are slightly less expensive, so I got the form fitted case, which I would recommend. It is a wonderful case.

    I would unconditionally recommend this bass for someone who wants something a little different, wants a nice rich warm tone, and doesn't mind a short scale bass. I think that you are going to start seeing more and more of these beauts around. I look forward to other people's impressions if you have played them yourself.

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